The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses owners across the globe, causing them to make incredibly challenging decisions that impact the future of their business. Among these are decisions that will influence both the well being of their employees and their bottom line.

As we work together to navigate these challenging and changing times, Amplified Digital knows that advertising is an investment in your business’ future; it helps keep your customers informed, positions your business as top of mind, and helps to drive new sales today, working to keep your company afloat for the future. We’ve decided to extend our program through the month of August in an effort to continue helping local businesses get back on their feet.


Amplified Digital Cares Marketing Program

Amplified Cares
Digital Advertising Program


In an effort to assist businesses like yours during these difficult times, we’ve put together Amplified Cares,
a program aimed at helping businesses supplement their marketing dollars to help them stay afloat, weather the storm, and emerge stronger.


During recessions in 1980-1985 businesses that continued to advertise grew by 256% over competitors that eliminated or decreased spending.


In 1974 and 1975, companies that advertised during those times saw the highest growth in sales and net income.


During 1990-91 recession Pizza Hut grew their sales by 61% while McDonalds, who dropped advertising and promotions, declined 28%.


During the 2009 Recession, Amazon grew by 28%. They continued to innovate during the slumping economy.


Don’t Fall
A 2008 AdWeek study showed companies who reduced their ad budget during economic downturns saw income fall by 20 – 30% during the next two years.


Stay Present
The same study by AdWeek in 2008 found that brands that went dark were perceived to be failing.

Get Started with the Amplified Cares Program Today

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The Amplified Cares Program is applicable towards new campaigns running May 1st – August 31st, 2020, and includes the following:


Targeted Display

Dollar for dollar match on Audience Targeted display campaigns starting at $500+, including Audience Targeting, Mobile Location Targeting, Site Remarketing, and Local Targeting.


Free Static Creative

Receive a free static creative ad set designed for on all new audience targeted display campaigns – a $150 value, or receive HTML Creative for the price of static ads – a $100 value.


Waived Setup Fees

Enjoy no setup fees on new Paid Search Campaigns, Reputation Management, and Social Management – up to a $750 value!


Social Ad Videos

Free Basic Video Ad Creation with any new Social Marketing Campaign on Facebook or Instagram – up to a $175 value.


Website Development

Discounts available on new Website Development. Custom quote required, ask for details!


Targeted eBlasts

15% off Audience Targeted eBlasts. Pricing varies based on targeting, inquire for details.


Content Writing

Save 25% off Blog and Website or Sponsored Content Writing Services.


Express DIY Tools

Express Reputation and Social DIY Tools available at no charge with any new campaign.

*Restrictions apply. Not applicable towards existing campaigns, please contact your Digital Marketing Manager for current client program details. Marketing bonus dollars must be used within May 1st – August 31st, 2020. BOGO Digital Display campaign bonus impressions are matched at a 1:1 ratio at a minimum $500 spend level, and may be used towards audience targeting, demo targeting, contextual targeting, website remarketing, mobile location targeting, and local display on Offer and discounts not applicable towards YouTube, Connected TV, Google Adwords, Google Shopping Ads, or Facebook/Instagram campaigns. Program not available for Partner Resellers.


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