Meet Erin! Erin is our Creative Manager and works with our talented design team to ensure we deliver top-notch ad concepts and creative to our clients. She has been with our parent company since October of 2015, and recently joined Amplified. We are SO EXCITED to bring her team’s amazing work to you!

Erin’s favorite part about leading the creative team is the constant variety of work involved and staying on top of the ever-changing trends. Erin enjoys having the ability to inspire through her creativity and provide clients with beautiful end results. When asked to describe Amplified in three words, she chose, “Cutting-edge, thoughtful, and dedicated”.

In her personal life, Erin follows her motto of “Don’t quit your daydream.” She describes her ideal day off as “laying in a hammock with a glass of wine at hand”.

We are proud to have Erin as a member of the passionate Amplified Digital Agency team!