Amplified Digital Agency is a Premier Google Partner!

Anyone can join Google Partners, but only trusted agencies can earn Google’s seal of approval and get listed on Google Partner Search, and quality is the key to becoming a Premier Google Partner. Grow your business with the help of the trusted online experts at Amplified Digital!

The badge below recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products. Seeing this means that their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy, and they use Google best practices.

Google Best practices

In our company’s managed accounts, we’ve demonstrated that we’ve mastered the essentials covered in the Google certification exams and that we’re maximizing our clients’ campaign performances.

Google reviews our client accounts to make sure our clients are getting excellent service, including the type and frequency of the changes you’re making, client retention, and whether we’re making the most of our clients’ budgets. Google reviews our client accounts from the time they were linked to the MCC, even if they were linked before the Partners program started.

Watch this short video to learn more about working with a Google Partner

What Does it Mean to be a Premier Google Partner?

The Premier Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts our company and that our potential clients can too.

Google Partner Requirements

Achieving Partner status is not supposed to be easy. Here are the requirements that our agency met to meet to become a Premier Google Partner:

  • Certifications: Our Search Department is certified in AdWords.
  • Best practices: We’ve demonstrated that we’re maximizing our clients’ performance by implementing the recommended best practices in their campaigns.
  • Spend: Our agency has a healthy amount of activity and meets the spend requirements across our managed accounts.
  • Company profile: View our agency’s Premier Google Partner profile.

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