Beginning on February 17th, all new websites sold will require a scope and agreement, signed by the client. Additionally, all maintenance and hosting only programs will require the new agreement, which will need to be renewed based on the termed dates in the agreement – and may not run month to month after contract expiration.

To understand what is included in this agreement, and why we are requiring it, please review our walk through document here.

For standard quotes, please find links to the new quote and agreement files below.

Why is the New Agreement for Websites Required?

To summarize the reasons behind the requirement for website agreements moving forward:

  1. With the roll out of the California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA, residents of California have the right to reclaim access and control over their personal data.
    1. With this new agreement, clients will be required to provide Amplified with a privacy policy for their website.
    2. The new agreement indemnifies Amplified from any issues regarding user privacy law.
  2. Additionally, the new agreement defines client provided materials as well as third party materials.
    1. Clients must have proper licensing and rights/authority to utilize materials they provide, as well as maintain the relationships for Third Party materials on their website.
    2. The agreement outlines Amplified’s use of the client materials, ensuring that we are only utilizing their information on their projects, and no where else.
  3. If and when a client decides to terminate their relationship with us, the new agreement outlines the terms of termination, and outlines which information may not be turned over to the client.