Amplified Launch Internship Summer Program

How to Apply

Amplified Launch Applicants should include a cover letter and resume, complete with education and relevant experience, as well as anything you feel is relevant to ensure you become a part of the Amplified Launch team. In addition, Amplified Launch Applicants should answer the following question in ANY format they wish, including but not limited to: video, ad creative, ad presentation, essay, social experiment, creative website, or any other medium you can dream up! What Gets You Amped?

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Amplified Launch Internship Program

Amplified Launch is an internship program offered by Amplified Digital Agency in St. Louis, where students take on some of our real agency projects, while working directly with our leadership team, sales team and clients. Yes, we’re looking to add talented people to our Agency, but we also want to help shape the future of our industry by working with students who are focused, creative and thoughtful. Those who seek out a solution to every challenge. Those who keep at it until the project is perfect. Those who move fast and let nothing stand in their way of success. We want students who want to learn from and gain experience in digital marketing and communications. We want people who are ready to learn and ready to do it at the rapid speed that digital marketing technology changes.

We welcome the opportunity to help students achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Each Amplified Launch internship opportunity includes the following:

  • 4-6 month paid internship (based on your schedule)
  • Up to 20 hours per week paid internship program!

At Amplified Digital, we believe that teamwork is essential to our company’s overall success and client satisfaction, which means that our interns aren’t kept busy filing paperwork, refilling staplers, stocking printer paper, fetching coffee or doing any other stereotypical intern task, because this isn’t a normal internship. Amplified Launch offers an opportunity for students and young professionals to learn each aspect of the digital marketing industry. Amplified Launch brings together the real-world experience that young professionals need to make decisions about their future careers, while being embedded in a fast-paced advertising agency culture as a true asset to our team.

Each intern will migrate throughout four key areas of our business, learning each aspect fully along the way, and will document their experience on our Amplified Launch blog and social environment. Key areas are as follows:

Account Management

Our Account Managers represent our company and what we stand for. This team is responsible for bringing in new clients and maintaining their overall satisfaction through the entire process. At Amplified Digital, our Account Management and Sales team will mentor new interns, helping them develop a variety of skills that can be utilized in any career choice:

  • Assist Account Managers in preparing research and information prior to initial client meeting
  • Join the Account Managers in meetings with clients
  • Participate in post-meeting group strategy sessions
  • Join & support during the client presentation meeting(s)
  • Assist in contract development and follow up communications

Skill Sets Developed:

  • Gain hands-on experience with how digital media solves business problems
  • Build trust and long term relationships with local business owners
  • Engage in active listening to better understand business challenges
  • Enhance written and verbal communication skills throughout the process
  • Develop business-facing problem solving skills
  • Learn solution selling (knowing what to sell to meet each client’s specific goal)

Creative Strategy

Nowadays, consumers have the ability to browse the internet at incredibly high-speeds, and they want things readily at their fingertips. It’s the creative strategist team’s job to define who that target audience is, and develop marketing messaging that will capture the interest of the intended viewer, and entice them to take action. Our Amplified Launch interns will have the opportunity to experience, first hand how our creative strategy team pulls their creative thoughts together to develop strategies to increase their audience by:

  • Participate in Pre-Meeting client strategy sessions with creative team & account managers
  • Assist with creative campaign idea and strategy development
  • Work closely with creative design team to identify appropriate creative messaging to fit strategy
  • Attend Think Tank meetings with client challenges from Account Managers

Skill Sets Developed:

  • Discovering the client’s target audience and identifying online habits
  • Identifying client challenges and business goals
  • Developing messaging to solve challenges and entice actions in consumers
  • Analyzing data sets to determine best target audiences and outcomes
  • Solution based / KPI goal setting

Media Planning

It is the responsibility of the planning team to take the information on the creative strategy and campaign messaging, and turn that into a digital media product mix that both fits within the client’s budget, and reaches the desired audience of the campaign. Amplified Launch Interns will become ingrained with each aspect of the planning process:

  • Research each client’s digital presence
  • Define campaign budgets, timelines, and placements
  • Develop solid campaign placement strategies utilizing research, strategy & campaign goals
  • Write proposal outlines to be included in client-facing presentations
  • Outline, write, create / design client-facing presentations
  • Assist Client Services & Creative Strategy teams in securing unique placements

Skill Sets Developed:

  • Researching a company’s digital presence and it’s importance
  • Determining how to increase a campaign’s effectiveness through media placements
  • Strategies for keyword optimization for both PPC and SEO
  • Enhanced PowerPoint and presentation development

Campaign Fulfillment & Client Services

The Campaign fulfillment and Client Services team deals with post-sale campaign strategies and maintenance. Our Interns will be shown how to ensure client satisfaction and increase the sustainability of the client by:

  • Create recommendations for programmatic and PPC campaigns
  • Assist client services team in post-sale campaign development and launch.
  • Track overall campaign performance, goal measurement and reporting analysis.
  • Track social engagement and interactions
  • Observe how effectively a strategy is achieving the intended goals
  • Communicate with account manager on metrics, optimization strategies and performance.
  • Create case studies and develop client testimonials

Skill Sets Developed:

  • Setting appropriate campaign targeting and demographics
  • Placing media buys and managing bids
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Business reputation management
  • Managing social marketing
  • Understanding website analytic reports
  • Clear interpretation of campaign tracking reports