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Amplified Digital is a Political Marketing Agency that specializes in assisting politicians in spreading their message through both traditional and digital marketing strategies. If you’re looking to expand your reach and engage with voters in new and effective ways, it’s time to Amplify your marketing efforts.

With our expertise and innovative techniques, we can help you connect with your target audience and make a lasting impact on your campaign.

America’s Changing Political Landscape

Candidates today are faced with a landscape that is unfamiliar and constantly evolving. At Amplified, we understand the challenges that come with navigating complex marketing channels and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. We understand the ever-evolving nuances of targeting a specific audience, and want to help your message have a significant impact on your constituents.

That’s why we specialize in creating positive, trusted, and easily recognizable brand messaging for our clients. We know that in order to effectively connect with your voters, you need a strong and memorable presence.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a brand identity that reflects your values and resonates with your target audience, and meets them where they are.

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Building a Connection with Constituents


By leveraging our expertise in marketing and branding, we can help you establish a strong and authentic connection with your constituents. Whether it’s through compelling visuals, engaging content, or strategic messaging, we will ensure that your campaign stands out from the competition.

At Amplified, we understand the importance of building trust and credibility with your audience. That’s why we prioritize creating brand identities that are not only visually appealing, but also convey a sense of reliability and authenticity.

We can help you connect with your constituents in all the most important ways, meeting them where they are. This includes methods such as:

Building Your Campaign Website

Amplified tailors its web development service to your political campaign’s needs, working closely with you to create a website that amplifies your message and engages voters effectively. Our process, structured around your vision, ensures the website serves as a potent digital tool in your campaign arsenal.

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Developing Your Brand Assets

such as logo, videos, written content, and more – Utilizing Amplified’s in-house, award-winning creative studio, Brand Ave. Studios, you can develop compelling brand assets crucial for your political campaign. Our team, proficient in logo development, visual design, content creation, and video production, will work closely with you to tailor a distinct brand identity that resonates with your electorate. Through authentic storytelling and strategic communication, we ensure your campaign brand not only stands out, but also fosters genuine connections, enhancing your campaign’s influence and voter engagement​.

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Running Local Ads

For your political campaign – Amplified’s local advertising services are a boon for political campaigns aiming to make a dent in their localities. Our diverse ad types, including High Impact Reveal, Standard Display, and Video ad units, amongst others, ensure your campaign’s visibility and engagement with a local audience on trusted news sites. This strategy not only elevates awareness but encapsulates voters in your narrative right from the get-go, making every interaction count. The versatility in advertising formats allows for a tailored approach to echo your campaign’s ethos effectively in the local digital spheres, ensuring a resonant outreach​.

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Advertising Via Various Social Media Platforms

Engage your local electorate effectively by advertising your campaign on various social media platforms with Amplified’s premium services. Our tailored strategies, through platforms like Meta (Facebook), ensure a broad, yet impactful, reach. From sponsored and video ads to direct brand conversations with social media users, we offer a spectrum of advertising solutions. Our expertise facilitates not only enhanced online visibility, but also cultivates lasting relationships with your target audience, paving the way for a resonant political campaign in the digital realm​.

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Managing Your Social Media to Generate Organic Traffic

Leverage Amplified’s expertise in organic social media management to foster a vibrant and engaging digital community around your political campaign. By utilizing platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we develop and manage your social media presence to bolster brand awareness, build relationships, and engage effectively with the electorate. Our tailored strategies not only enhance your online reputation but also facilitate direct conversations about your campaign, allowing for real-time feedback and continuous improvement. The organic traffic generated through these efforts significantly amplifies your campaign’s reach and resonance within the voter base​.

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Targeted Email Marketing

Harness the potential of Amplified’s targeted email marketing services to reach a highly specific audience directly in their inbox. With our expertise, we strategize alongside you to design email campaigns that resonate with your political narrative, leveraging data sets like gender, age, and location for precise targeting. Whether it’s about elevating awareness for your campaign or fostering a deeper connection with constituents, our email marketing tactics are tailored to meet your political campaign’s goals, ensuring your message reaches the right individuals at the right time, thus amplifying your campaign’s impact​.

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Cost-Effective Location-Based Marketing

Harness the power of location-based marketing with Amplified to cost-effectively target and engage constituents in your political campaign’s specific geographic regions. Our strategies allow for personalized offers and promotions based on the real-time or past locations of individuals, facilitating a tailored outreach. This approach is not only cost-effective but ensures that your campaign’s messages reach the most relevant audiences, thereby optimizing resource allocation and maximizing engagement in critical geographic locales. With our insights, transform potential constituents into actual avid supporters by delivering personalized and relevant campaign messages right where it matters the most​.

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Direct Mailing

Elevate your campaign’s outreach with Amplified’s direct mailing services, a trusted and recognizable initiative that seamlessly complements your digital and local media strategies. Our expertise in crafting tangible ads, alongside highly customizable audience lists, ensures your campaign’s message is delivered straight to the mailboxes of your ideal constituents. With options like QR code integration or call tracking, measure the impact of your direct mailing campaigns, adjusting strategies to maximize engagement and drive action. This tactile approach not only resonates with constituents but also significantly boosts your campaign’s visibility in a cost-effective manner.

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Pay Per Click

Amplified’s Pay Per Click (PPC) services are a robust solution for your political campaign, propelling your message in front of audiences actively seeking to engage. Our PPC strategies ensure prime visibility over your opponents on search results pages. As a verified Google and Microsoft Advertising Partner, our experts diligently research relevant keywords, continually optimizing campaigns to elevate your ROI, drive website traffic, and lead conversions. With tools to meticulously measure and analyze campaign data, we not only enhance engagement but also help in growing your market share and building a loyal supporter base at competitive bid costs.

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We want your voters to feel confident in their decision to support you, and we’re your one-stop-shop to get it done.

So if you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level, let Amplified be your guide.

Together, we can create a political brand identity that will make a lasting impression and help you connect with your voters on a deeper level.

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Why Choose Amplified for Political Marketing?

Our team listens, conducts thorough research, and strategically analyzes before providing recommendations.

Our adeptness in local and granular targeting is a linchpin for a successful campaign, enabling politicians to reach key areas and connect with potential voters effectively.

By honing in on specific locales, we not only magnify your message’s resonance but also cultivate a more personalized engagement with the communities you aim to serve.

Through a blend of targeted digital strategies and on-the-ground insights, we navigate the complex political terrain, ensuring your campaign strikes a chord where it matters most, and with those whose support is paramount.

We implement a comprehensive plan through effective media placement, impactful campaign messaging, engaging creative content, and high-quality materials. Throughout this journey, our team will guide you seamlessly, ensuring that you not only meet, but exceed your goals.

Case study

In a pivotal 2022 electoral period, Amplified partnered with a Secretary of State to foster voter awareness and education throughout the election season. Aiming to reach the state’s entire populace along with specific audience segments, our endeavor employed three digital outreach strategies, successfully engaging over 650,000 individuals within two months. Furthermore, Amplified spearheaded the creation of all graphic and video materials, and orchestrated an 8-week radio and print campaign statewide.

Advertising Strategies Employed

Advertising Strate Employed
  • Leveraging Social Media to connect with desired audiences
  • Utilizing Targeted Display to engage distinct audience segments
  • Employing ConnectedTV to bolster brand recognition across the state

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics
  • Social Media: 0.86% Click-Through Rate, surpassing the benchmark of 0.85%
  • Targeted Display: 0.17% Click-Through Rate, significantly exceeding the benchmark of 0.06%
  • ConnectedTV: 88% Video Completion Rate, outperforming the benchmark of 80%​
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By meticulously understanding your objectives and the demographics of your electorate, we devise a comprehensive strategy that encompasses a mix of digital and traditional marketing channels.

Our approach is uniquely tailored, ensuring that your message resonates with potential voters both locally and across varying digital platforms.

From granular targeting to broad-based outreach, we aim to deliver a successful campaign that not only meets but surpasses your goals.

Reach out to us below and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your successful campaign is just a conversation away!

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