Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day Promotions!

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year. In 2015, spending hit 19.5 million dollars, the highest number on record. But it’s not just a time for chocolates and flowers, it’s a perfect opportunity for contests & sweepstakes! Take advantage of this February’s spending frenzy by trying out a Valentine’s Day themed contest!

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Need Ideas?

Valentine’s Quiz Bundle


You already know that Valentine’s quizzes can be incredibly successful, but have you ever considered bundling both trivia and quizzes and sell to one company? This will bring in more revenue and give you a great campaign to run leading up to the big holiday.

Cutest Couple Photo Contest

Valentine’s Day is a great time to run a cutest couple photo contest. These contests are ideal for targeting a specific audience, social growth as people share and campaign to win, and growing qualified leads for advertisers. Not only can this contest be a huge revenue-producer for you, but we’ve even seen it grow website page views by over 180%.

Valentine’s Themed Sweepstakes


With prizes like a date-night giveaway or a romantic weekend getaway, a sweepstakes can be a perfect fit for the Valentine’s season. Sweeps are a quick, easy way to grow your database and engage a large audience. Plus, this holiday targets some timely advertiser’s (jewelers, florists, specialty retail) you may not usually spend with the rest of the year.

Spa Gift Card Giveaway


The average American will spend more than $140 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Take advantage of this gift-giving frenzy by offering a spa gift card giveaway. Consumers can treat their loved one to a great gift – or maybe just treat themselves! Spa cards can make a big hit in any size market.

Want to learn about even more opportunities around Valentine’s Day? Check out our contesting partner’s Valentine’s Day topics page for more ideas and success stories.

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