Marketing for your business and your products can be an overwhelming process. The tactics necessary for advertising products versus your business are completely different. Publicity surrounding your business as a whole is often called brand awareness.

Brand awareness can be easily overlooked once advertising specific products or services becomes frequent. Awareness campaigns are essential no matter the age of your brand.
Here’s a few reasons to consider integrating brand awareness into your promotion campaigns:

  1. People become familiar with your brand.
    The goal of brand awareness is to get your company and values in front of as may eyes as possible. By doing this, consumers develop an understanding of who a company is and what they offer. Awareness campaigns put a reliable name and look together to promote familiarity. Even the most well-known brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds still run ads to promote brand awareness just to get their brand in front of more eyes and ears.
  2. Developing a strong brand awareness helps push consumers to a brand life-cycle rather than a product-life cycle.
    Sometimes brands may have a certain product that outperforms others. These products have the potential to overshadow the brand and resonate in a consumer’s mind more than the overarching brand and values. Developing a strong brand awareness campaign encourages someone that loves a particular product to develop an understanding of the company that the product comes from. This then allows for the potential to sell more products to consumers that have already had a positive experience with another aspect of your brand.
  3. Brand Awareness differentiates one brand from another.
    It can be easy for consumers to group brands together based on what products or services they sell. Finding a way to separate a brand from competitors can be difficult, but it essential to achieving success.
    For example, Ray Ban and DIFF Eye wear are both companies that sell sunglasses. Ray Ban is probably the most well-known brands for sunglasses and does minimal advertising. DIFF Eyewear is a new brand that launched in the last year, and they are getting a ton of exposure. They use social media ambassadors to promote brand awareness, finding individuals that are well known and partnering with them for advertising by giving them a discount code to share with followers. For every pair of DIFF sunglasses bought, a pair of glasses is donated to someone in need. This is DIFF’s core value and few of their customers aren’t aware of this value proposition. Some of their most notable ambassadors are Kendall Jenner, Mario Lopez, and Lauren Akins. The strong promotion of a value proposition like DIFF’s allows for a lesser known brand to have success among well-developed brands like Ray Ban.
  4. Promoting something new can reacquaint customers with your brand.
    For well-developed brands, awareness campaigns can promote new or innovative concepts that your company is implementing. If a brand is established enough that most consumers would know about them, this is a good opportunity to add to the brand that is already established. Publicizing new concepts can not only drive sales from current customers, but can also encourage sales from customers that may not have invested in the brand recently.

Brand awareness campaigns can be implemented in several ways. To start small, social media can serve as a brand awareness tool to your current followers, and using sponsored content or promoted posts can reach those that may not currently follow your profile. While brand awareness can easily be overlooked, it can establish the lifespan of a brand. No matter how big or small, find an awareness campaign that can further develop your brand for years to come.