It’s hard to believe, but the season for sparklers and fireworks is here!

If you’re a firework stand or store owner, you know how frustrating advertising and promoting your firework specials and stand can be, with marketing types like Google, Facebook and every other online platform has banning you from advertising online…With roadside stands popping up and stores stocking up on goods for the celebration, you’ll need a quick solution to get in front of your customers with targeted advertising, bringing them straight to you.

Amplified Digital offers affordable and quick-turnaround marketing solutions, including Audience Targeted Display ads on a FIREWORK SAFE digital Network, which allows you to easily reach customers who are near you to let them know what your stand has to offer! Highlight your inventory and share sales and specials you’re running before the 4th of July holiday safely online to a group of people who are comfortable receiving this type of messaging, across websites that are firework and firearm SAFE sites. No one likes to show up to the fireworks stand looking for exciting, big-boom products, only to find bins of black snakes and egg-laying hens! Customers will appreciate knowing what they can expect to find before they arrive.

Through our Firearm and Firework Safe Digital Ad Network, your ads can be targeted to those who are interested in fireworks, celebrate the 4th of July, and are near your location, so you’ll get the most bang for your advertising buck! You can also run a few different ads with different messages, each highlighting why they should come to your stand. Ads run across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Present them with an ad that will get their attention, perhaps even link to a mobile coupon or offer that they’ll be able to use right away. Don’t wait until they are driving by – they may have already gotten what they wanted elsewhere!

Most people have already made their plans for the 4th of July, so NOW is the time to implement. And if selling fireworks is your business, we know how busy you’ll be, so let us take on the work of managing your campaign. Our dedicated, professional staff will help you create a campaign that is worthy of its own celebration!