Join the Amplified Digital team for a deep dive into several of our most popular products and get a more in-depth understanding of how these products work, who they are good for, and further details to ensure your client’s success. During these sessions, you’ll hear from some of our (behind the scenes) fulfillment experts who help oversee and manage these products, as well as various team members across Amplified.

These sessions will be hosted for all markets, and are recommended for sales managers and team members who want to really “dig in” to better understand these products and services.

All sessions will last approximately 1 hour or less, and will begin at 10am CST. Registration is required. Sessions will be recorded and provided in Spoke for future use/reference.

Click on the links below to Register for each session you’d like to participate in:

  1. Website Development: Basic vs. Custom – 6/4/20
  2. Pay Per Click – 6/9/20
  3. Audience Targeted Display & Remarketing – 6/11/20
  4. Facebook Targeted Advertising – 6/16/20
  5. IP & Mobile Location Targeting – 6/18/20
  6. Targeted Email Marketing – 6/23/20
  7. Streaming / Audio & Video – 6/25/20
  8. Client Contesting – 7/7/20
  9. Big Pitch & Quick Pitch Creative Concepting – 7/9/20
  10. Search Engine Optimization – 7/14/20
  11. Google Analytics: UTMs, GTMs, Conversion Tracking – 7/16/20

**Reputation, social, and presence packages were not included at this juncture to avoid any confusion since there are currently several package types across all of our markets. These will be revisited at a later date.