Society gives internships this negative persona. We’ve all seen movies where the intern is running around the office supplying staff with coffee and nearly in tears. So naturally as my first day at Amplified Digital approached I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.
On that day I walked in ready to take whatever life handed me. To my surprise it was nothing like I expected. I wasn’t tossed to the side like some inconvenience instead I was greeted with open arms.
During the first week I was flooded with packets, slide shows and anything else that could help explain the digital world. Nobody judged me for not knowing things immediately. Instead everyone took turns explaining things to me in their own way. I really think this is what helped me learn so much so fast. Taking everyone’s interpretations and implementing them with the material.
Over the last several weeks I have learned to do all kinds of different things. I know how to use salesforce and manage a daily call list. I partner with people to work on things from different departments to better understand the process of selling and developing digital advertising.
Above everything else I have learned what a productive work environment looks like. That even after this internship I know I deserve to work in an atmosphere where my coworkers work together and my bosses give not only their time but the tools necessary for success.