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Most business owners aren’t sure how their website and marketing can drive sales and traffic to their stores. Many are confused by all the different ways that their business is found online. From Google to Yelp to Yahoo!, there are many avenues to make your marketing more profitable if you know how to best utilize these services.

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Included with this report is a 30-60-minute mastermind session where your digital expert will go over the findings from your report, offer simple tools to help you jump-start marketing efforts, and utilize their industry knowledge to help you develop a unique, strategic, effective and affordable advertising game plan.

What You’ll Receive in this 100% No Obligation Service:

  • Local Presence and Online Reputation Audit
  • Search Engine Optimization Report for your Website
  • Competitive Ranking of Your Business
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Snapshot of Monthly Keyword Searches on Google related to Your Business
  • Tips and Tricks for Busy Business Owners
  • Recommendations for an effective digital marketing game plan

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