Search advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is a form of advertising that takes place within search engine results. When a consumer searches for a keyword you’ve bid on, their search term will trigger your text ad, which will show on the top of the results page in the “sponsored” section. Search advertising uses a pull approach, which means that people who come across your ads have already been looking for your products and services. Search ads are a great way to directly target people in your area who are currently in the market for your products and services. If your company has a large search volume, if you have a limited budget, or if your product/service is “urgent” (i.e. locksmith, veterinarian) it is a good idea to start with a PPC Search advertising campaign.

When ads are displayed to people as they are surfing the web, not searching for your product, they are referred to as display ads. Display advertising uses a push approach, which means that people are targeted after watching a video, reading emails, or browsing the web that have some relation to your company’s product or service. Display ads help to build brand awareness, which is a good option for a new company who sells something that consumers are not familiar with. People spend more time surfing their favorite sites than they do searching for something specific, which is why when your consumer is online, it is important to keep your brand in front of them as much as possible.

Diversifying your marketing campaign in order to reach your target consumers from several angles is a great way to grow your online brand. When a consumer clicks on your search ad, they may search through your website, but wait on making a purchase. If, in the time between their visit to your website, and the time they decide to buy, you are serving them display ads, they are more likely to recall your business and choose you over your competitors. Display ads can help drive search traffic and conversions for companies that use both search and display.

On average, search activity rose 155% following a user being served a display ad, and 27% of consumers conduct a search for a business after seeing their display ad.

While it is certainly possible to run a successful marketing campaign using just one or the other, combining search with targeted display is the best way to help your business achieve better results in your marketing strategy. Targeting your consumer from multiple angles rather than just one helps customers to remember your business when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.

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