Skillful marketing is all about understanding and adapting to the needs of your audience. The wants of Generation Z have brands rapidly changing their approach when it comes to their marketing efforts. Gen Z includes today’s teens and adults under the age of 25. They were raised in a world of smartphones, the Internet, and social media. Young, creative, socially-minded, and even more tech savvy than Millennials, this generation already accounts for $143 billion in spending and influence nearly $600 billion in household spending. So what’s the best way to reach this younger audience? Here are five surefire ways to connect with Gen Zers through your marketing strategy.

5 Ways to Reach a Younger Audience in 2021

Be Authentic & Accountable

If you’re looking to reach a Gen Z audience, know that authenticity and accountability matters. Above all else, Gen Zers will put their money into companies that align with their beliefs and values. A staggering 53% of people said their favorite brands are able to understand them as individuals. Maybe your brand hasn’t always been on the right side of history, and that’s okay. Own up to it and let your audience know you’ve sought education and learned from your mishaps. Engage with your followers, letting them know you hear them and are making a conscious effort to do better. There’s no better way to earn their trust.

5 Ways to Reach a Younger Audience in 2021

Choose the Right Platforms

Something all Gen Z-focused brands have in common is a strong social media presence. These digital natives rely on a seamless mobile-friendly experience and won’t hesitate to stop using a website or app that doesn’t load quickly enough. Leading the pack in top apps used by Gen Zers include: TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. What do all of these apps have in common? Video. With 85% of teenagers actively using YouTube, 80% do so to expand their knowledge, and 68% to improve or gain new skills. Creating engaging video content like reviews and tutorials that can be customized depending on the platform is one of the smartest moves any brand can make

5 Ways to Reach a Younger Audience in 2021

Be Entertaining & Establish a Personality

Now that you know the top platforms and the type of content to create, you need to make sure it follows the Gen Z recipe for success. Your content needs to be entertaining, short (on average you have eight seconds to capture their attention), and shy away from product-heavy advertising. It’s best to sell experiences over selling products. According to Mention, 25% of what you sell is your product. The additional 75% is the intangible feeling that comes with your product. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing how your product will improve their lifestyle in an entertaining way. Try being funny in your approach, using music and bold imagery, or even use fellow Gen Z influencers in a lifestyle setting to drive home the experience aspect and appeal to your audience. Creating easily digestible, fun content will go a long way with teens and young adults.

5 Ways to Reach a Younger Audience in 2021

Build a Community

Gen Zers are looking to make connections and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. You can help facilitate this by showcasing more diversity, and inclusivity in your marketing and using real people who share your brand’s values. By doing so, you are opening your brand up to conversation and connection with the demographic you want to reach most. Try reaching out with advice, poignant questions, and even seek out customer feedback. According to a report done by IBM, 44% of Gen Z, if given the chance, would submit ideas for product designs to their favorite brands. This shows that their voice and ideas matter, and that their opinions are shaping the brands they love most.

5 Ways to Reach a Younger Audience in 2021

Prioritize Privacy

Wanting another way to win over the Gen Z crowd? You need to show them that you prioritize their privacy by being transparent about your policies and where you gather your data. Let them know often that their information is safe and that you’re never taking more than you need.

Hopefully these tips will help you reach your new Gen Z audience, but if you’re still looking for some guidance on ways to update your marketing strategy, Amplified Digital Agency is here to help – reach out today!