At Amplified, we’re constantly seeking new ways to strengthen our robust product suite to ensure that we deliver best-in-class advertising solutions to our business partners. In July, we partnered with Lee Enterprises and Amazon Advertising to bring you Streaming TV video services. Today, we’re evolving that partnership to include Amazon Network Display and Video capabilities. Let’s dive in!

What is Amazon Network Targeted Advertising?

Amazon’s targeted advertising network is a demand-side platform (DSP), which combines hundreds of brand-safe websites together, allowing us to programmatically buy display and video ads reaching audiences who spend time on Amazon and Amazon’s partner websites. This network allows businesses to reach their ideal customer by utilizing Amazon’s robust data segments in two categories:

  • Lifestyle Audiences, which are those who are habitual consumers who have viewed and purchased multiple times within a category over the past year, and
  • In-Market Audiences, including consumers who have viewed items within a category in the past month.

Would Your Business Make a Good Fit?

Amazon’s targeted advertising network is a universal solution that is a great fit for a variety of businesses and industries, including companies who would benefit from Amazon’s robust shopping and lifestyle and in-market behaviors. If your business has an existing Amazon ecommerce storefront, your campaign would also benefit from the added layer of Amazon data available in the Amazon display network!

Amazon Streaming TV + Network Targeting = A Perfect Match!

While the Amazon Targeting Network is a great addition to most campaigns, the results when delivered in conjunction with an Amazon Streaming TV campaign are unmatched! Combining the two allows you to deliver relevant ads to the same audiences while attributing ads and conversion events across devices and formats. It also allows you to re-target your Streaming TV audience with display or video network ads!

Curious to see how Amazon Network Ads can propel your business? Contact us today to learn more!