Amplified Digital Agency St. Louis is a PREMIER Google Certified Partner!

What Does It Mean To Be A Premier Google Partner?

The Google Partners program is a program designed for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage advertising through Google’s product suite. To achieve Google Partner Status, the company must demonstrate specific AdWords skills and expertise, meet Google ad spend requirements, deliver revenue growth, and must sustain and grown its client base. Partner status gives our company access to a number of benefits, including dedicated resources at Google, as well as ongoing training programs, certifications, new product releases and seminars.

The Premier Google Partner badge recognizes those Partners “who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers.” So what does that mean for companies like yours?

Top 5 Reasons to work with a Premier Google Partner

  1. We won’t let your marketing budget be spent foolishly. There is an old saying “A fool and his money will soon part,” and it goes without saying that it is very easy to accidentally hose through your marketing budget by trying to run an AdWords campaign without having Google Certification. There are so many hidden settings and triggers within the AdWords platform that determine how your budget is spent, and what the budget applies to. As a Premier Google Partner, Amplified Digital is required to have AdWords Certified professionals that know and understand the ins and outs of the platform, and can help you make the most efficient use of your dollars. We are also held to strict requirements in how we manage our ad campaigns, and we utilize best practice optimization tactics to maximize performance.
  2. We won’t let you ignore mobile! Let’s face it, we now live in a mobile-first world. The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is check your smartphone. As Google Premier Partners, the team at Amplified Digital knows what it takes to employ an effective marketing strategy to accomplish your company’s goals – and that includes mobile in a big way. We utilize best practices to create and develop responsive websites, providing you with the perfect device responsive location for those on-the-go consumers. Further, we approach every campaign we run from an audience device usage perspective, and continually optimize our campaigns based on usage and performance by device.
  3. We have dedicated Google contacts. Yes, we can actually CALL GOOGLE to help us resolve any issues and gain valuable insights from our dedicated contacts. When was the last time you heard someone say that? Working with a trusted, Google Premier Partner allows you to have quick access to a support team that specializes not only in digital marketing, but in treating their clients as their top priority. We’ve got your back, and Google has ours!
  4. Campaign Translation Services! Ever wanted to launch your campaign to reach the local Hispanic Market but aren’t sure how to translate your content appropriately and effectively? Through our Google Partner status, we have a team that can get your keywords, ad copy and even your website translated into almost any language you could possibly want – which allows you to tap into an entirely new market without having to lift a finger (or find a translator)!
  5. Be the first to try something new. As a Google Premier Partner, Amplified Digital Agency has early access to new features, Beta tests, and new programs, which can help you you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition – and we can only extend these to our current clients.

Find out what makes working with a Premier Google Partner different, request a RISK-FREE marketing consultation today!