The digital age has brought about changes in almost every aspect of our daily lives. It has uprooted the way that consumers consume media, research products and services, listen to music, communicate, and make purchases – These changes that have led to systematic shifts in the way that businesses conduct their advertising.

Traditional forms of media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and billboards are the roots of advertising and have offered businesses an unfaltering way to reach their consumers for decades. Many consumers still lean on these mediums as their main, most trustworthy sources for news and information. However, for the majority of consumers, their daily newspaper isn’t the first place they turn to for news. Instead, they use their mobile device, tablet or computer to browse through numerous online publications; a shift that has led to 28 consecutive years of declining newspaper circulation.1  Similarly, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to listen to music, stream news and telecasts, and listen to podcasts instead of the radio, resulting in stagnated growth for these traditional mediums.1

Introducing Digital Marketing Products & Services

Over the past few years, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations across the country have begun introducing digital marketing and advertising solutions to help supplement and grow traditional revenue. Offering digital marketing services such as  display advertising, audience targeting, search advertising, and social media helps publishers offer clients more options to reach their target audience. These publishers have seen tremendous success with packaging digital audience targeting opportunities with their regular platforms, allowing their clients to extend their message to a digital audience. Even better, when their clients say that they are interested in digital media, traditional media sales executives don’t have to walk away from the conversation and leave money on the table!

Of course, the traditional media platform should always remain your company’s core product offering. New digital advertising products and services are a great way to extend your client’s messaging to a new, on-the-go audience that may not consume your traditional media, however still meet the specific audience criteria that the client is trying desperately to reach. Packaging the two products together will allow your company to grow your revenue, and remain a long standing, trustworthy media partner for your clients.

So Where Do I Start?

Launching a new line of products, especially those you aren’t particularly familiar with, can be an incredibly daunting task. When you consider the costs of hiring and training additional staff, the time it takes to research and find quality digital advertising vendors, and the thousands of dollars (of your hard earned top line revenue) it will cost you to introduce and roll out new digital products and services to your clients, it sounds like an overwhelming task that your company likely can’t afford to take on. Add to that the fact that many DSP’s (demand side platforms) and digital marketing service providers will hold you to incredibly high (non competitive) rates with strict revenue/sales minimums, you can easily see how this process with create undue stress on your managers and your sales teams to be able to sell these products successfully.

Don’t forget you’ll also need sales materials, clearly outlined processes for your staff “after the sale”, and a team of people to actually fulfill these products or work with the vendors to get them fulfilled. Client expectations? You won’t know how to outline those right away until you’ve sold and experienced a few campaigns. Reporting? Best Practices? What if something goes wrong? Who knows. You’ll be on a learn-as-you-go path, which creates uncertainty in your staff, making them likely not want their clients to be the guinea pig. Ultimately, this will leave you with a discouraged sales team, stressed out sales managers, and less revenue kept in-house.

The Answer: Work with Amplified Digital

Yes, you read that right, let us do the heavy lifting! Amplified Digital was originally formed out of a traditional media company (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch) in St. Louis, Missouri. As such, we understand the time, effort, and stress it can take to launch digital products and services as a traditional media outlet. We’ve experienced all of the horror stories listed above, and have navigated through the costs and transitional changes of having several different vendors and digital service providers. This experience ultimately led us to build our own in-house team of digital experts – with seats on the leading DSP’s that we place ads directly through – and an in-house team of campaign managers who understand the ins-and-outs of effectively managing and optimizing both display and search campaigns.

At Amplified Digital, our team is comprised of real people who are incredibly passionate about digital marketing. We pride ourselves in being a Premier Google Partner, and our highly trained staff work closely with our partners to help you build and grow your product offerings and revenue.

Our Partner program offers companies like yours access to our entire digital product suite, with a full staff working behind the scenes to support you throughout every step of the sales and fulfillment processes. We provide the sales materials, flyers and presentations you need to hit the streets, we offer on-site sales training, and will conduct conference calls, selling seminars and large scale client training sessions to help your sales team. On the post-sale side, we provide full campaign management, website development, reporting, and ongoing campaign optimization. You will have a dedicated contact within our agency who will help your team plan proposals, discuss best practices, and answer questions on the fly as needed.

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  1. Marketing Charts. US Ad Spend Trends, by Medium, in 2016.