For decades, direct mail has persisted as a tried and true way for brands and local companies to reach their clientele, however recent research has shown that direct mail efforts only become truly effective after the third mailing to the same prospect list. Companies who run print-only marketing campaigns such as direct mail are missing out on an impactful way to reach these same individuals 2, 3, and even 4 times after the initial mailer, for up to half the cost or less using new, highly targetable digital marketing methods like IP Targeting.

IP Targeted Digital Display

IP Targeting is just like direct mail for the internet; it works very similar to direct mail – without the costs associated with printing and mailing – and allows you to target specific users within a household or business location. It works by matching a list of names and street addresses to IP addresses (Internet Protocol address, the string of numbers assigned to your internet connection by your Internet Service Provider) and displaying your advertisement to those specific people on websites they visit while they browse the web. IP targeting is incredibly efficient because it allows you to reach an exact address, without wasting budget on surrounding households or areas that are not relevant to your target audience.

Unlike geo-targeting or mobile hyper location / mobile location targeting, IP targeting uses the exact address you are trying to reach, instead of a specific area, which can capture unwanted households, streets, and business addresses.

Finding Your Audience

IP Targeting can help you reach literally the exact audience you’re looking for – regardless of if you are trying to get your message in front of existing customers, new potential customers, or those likely to fit your best customer profile who have not yet done business with you. A list of physical addresses can be utilized from your existing POS System, CRM, Email Database, Existing Customer List, or a List can be purchased from a 3rd party data provider.

Is IP Targeting Right for My Business?

The simple answer is yes – IP Targeting can work for nearly any type of business, especially those looking to reach a very niche audience. (Though we do want to mention that there are some situations where the targeting criteria needed to reach your best audience may be done without using an IP Targeting campaign, and can be achieved through another type of display advertising such as Audience Targeted Programmatic.)

Food delivery services such as Pizza or Postmates see great success using IP Targeting to reach Colleges, Universities, and busy working parents with IP targeting to reach those people during final exams, busy mid-week schedules, or for late night snacks on the weekends.

Political campaigns are also incredibly effective. Candidates often purchase lists in their campaigning towns or areas they need to grow donations in, as well as voters who reside in those towns and have voted in past elections.

Banks and mortgage institutions can target a list of individuals who have lived in their homes for 10+ years with refinancing and new home loan (moving) opportunities.

Automotive dealers can reach their previous customers with buy back options and extended warranty promotions.

Looking to reach people who have just moved into their new homes? IP Targeting can do that for you through a Digital New Movers Program!

Maximize Your Direct Mail Campaign with IP Targeting

If you’re already running or planning to run a direct mail campaign, consider maximizing your ROI and re-inforcing your message with an IP targeting Campaign from Amplified Digital. Our expert team can help pinpoint and reach your target audience, giving your brand a heightened level of exposure and awareness.  Contact us today to get started!