International Women’s Day is a celebration of the achievements of women around the world. Every year on March 8th, we reflect on how far women have come and what barriers still need to be broken down to achieve equality. It’s a day to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements women have made thus far, while also bringing attention to the gender disparities that still remain. To commemorate this important day, we have put together a list of eight ways to celebrate and uplift women. Read the list below and think of ways to incorporate these items into your everyday life.

Wear Purple

The easiest way to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) is by sporting the color purple on March 8th. As the official color of IWD, purple signifies justice and dignity and has become a symbol of support for the gender equality movement. So deck yourself out, or just throw on your favorite purple shirt, and show your support for women all around the world.

Donate to Women’s Non-Profits

One way to make a difference on International Women’s Day is to donate to a charitable organization supporting women. There are plenty of charities, both locally and globally, that support anything from female survivors to the future of women in the workplace. Find a charity that resonates with you and make a contribution. If you’re feeling stuck on what organization to donate to, here is a list of the female focused charities that International Women’s Day supports!

Shop from Women-Owned Businesses

By supporting businesses that are owned and operated by women, you are contributing to equal economic empowerment. Your dollar goes a long way to help these female business owners, but you can still show your support even if you don’t have extra money to spend. Shout out your favorite woman-owned business online, write a positive review, or sign up for their newsletter. Owning a business is no easy task, so your support in any form will be appreciated.

Get Inspired

In honor of International Women’s Day, take some time and learn about a woman that inspires you. Whether that woman is someone in your life, a female historical figure, or the CEO of a company, learn about their journey and get inspired by their story. Try this with a group of friends to share the inspiration! Each person can pick a different female figure to learn about and share their findings at your next girls’ night.

Support Female Creatives

Watch a movie by a female director, read a book by a female author, listen to music by your favorite female musician, or attend an exhibit from a female artist. These are all easy and fun ways to consciously support women creatives. By choosing to interact with projects created by women, you are elevating visibility for their work and inspiring more female creatives in the future.

Educate Others

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is choose to challenge, so don’t be afraid to do just that when you see a display of sexism. Whether you are at work or at home, make a pledge to politely and kindly choose to challenge others on their gender biases and educate them on ways to lift up women instead.

Attend a Virtual Event

Each year, numerous events are held across the world in celebration of International Women’s Day. These events range from speaker series to fun festivals and everything in-between. Attending an event, locally or virtually, is a great way to both celebrate and educate yourself on different topics surrounding women. Find an IWD event here!

Celebrate the Awesome Women in Your Life

We all have awesome women in our lives. Whether it’s your friend, mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, girlfriend, or mentor – reach out to them today. Set up some time to spend together or just send them a quick thank you for the impact they have made on your life. Let them know how awesome you think they are. Your kind words could make their day!

This International Women’s Day, take time to reflect and celebrate how far women have come and what progress still needs to be made. We hope this list gave you some inspiration and motivation to incorporate some of these action items into your day or you everyday life. Share this list with a friend and celebrate IWD together!