What if your business could have the perfect employee – someone who is professional in both what they say and how they look, can help generate sales and new leads, and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Sounds too good to be true right? It’s not! These are all things a well-designed website can do for your business.

It’s About Trust

In an increasingly digital world, it is imperative that this digital employee exists for people to see and interact with in order for your business to appear legitimate. Even basic information like an about section and contact information page can be the difference in being seen as open for business or closed as 44% of users will exit a website that does not display contact info.

A website gives you the opportunity to control the narrative of your business story to establish trust with potential customers. You can showcase your best work through pictures and testimonials as well as demonstrate your team’s knowledge with informative blogs, helpful content, and a resourceful FAQ section. You also have the ability to share your core values and mission – topics that are very important to today’s consumer.

Experience Is Key from Search to Sale

To narrow down the vast amount of choices available to consumers for just about every product or service they want or need, many do research online. Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine it is important that your business appears in search results related to your industry. If they can’t find you they can’t choose you. A website is the main tool to improve search engine rankings.

If a consumer finds you but their experience on your website is poor, 89% of them will shop with a competitor. Slow load times, low quality mobile rendering, difficult-to-navigate layout, or an outdated look and feel are all sales and lead deterrents. It’s a competitive landscape no matter what industry you’re in and your business needs to stand out every chance it gets. Having a well-designed website can be what sets you apart.

The Covid-19 Effect

Social distancing efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 accelerated the trend toward an online world years ahead of schedule.

Businesses that could no longer operate in-person turned to digital solutions to ensure they remained available to their customers. Retailors without ecommerce capabilities scrambled to get them as store visits plummeted by 90% during lockdowns. Restaurants and bars switched to serving pickup and delivery orders placed online or by phone. Banks encouraged customers to use online banking or telephone banking options. Service-based businesses changed their operations to support social distancing.

It became essential for businesses across all industries to quickly and effectively communicate with the public. Consumers looked up businesses’ websites to see if they were open and how they were handling pandemic protocols. Seemingly overnight a business’s digital presence went from exceedingly beneficial for success, to absolutely vital.

If you are one of the 36% of small businesses that did not have a website in 2020 now is the time to get the ball rolling. Our team at Amplified Digital will work with you to develop the professional website of your business dreams. Reach out today to get started!