As 2015 quickly comes to a close, we naturally reflect on “the good’s, the bad’s, and the ugly’s” of our habits and behaviors. In addition, we ponder our business practices and how the inevitable, drastic changes in digital marketing helped us thrive, encouraged us to evolve with constant fluctuations in the digital landscape, or left some downright confused. Regardless of the outcome 2015 left within your business, a new year invites you to assess the potential changes that will slide your way and encourages you to develop approaches to achieving your goals, helping you become a dominating force in your industry.

A new year is a new start-the sky is the limit, and your optimism for your business is at an all-time high. While a new year can mean a “new you,” it is crucial to be cognizant of new technology, new concepts, new trends, and new strategies to target your market. Here is a list of the rising digital marketing trends and opportunities to pursue and implement into your 2016 business plan:

1. The Expansion of MobilePeople are now using their mobile devices for almost anything we can think of: searching the web, apps, social media, shopping, and everything in between. Utilizing mobile is a superb method to ensuring you are targeting your audience.

2. Paid Social Media AdvertisingWe have already began to notice a prevalence of advertising on our favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they are not going away anytime soon. The trend of social media advertising will ultimately continue to surge in 2016.

3. Email MarketingFor years, email has been used as a primary method of communication. Today, email is additionally used to target new customers and fuel promotional strategies and marketing movements. Email marketing is a phenomenal tool for business owners that plans to stick around for awhile.

4. SEO & Relevant ContentContent is key, and building your SEO ranking can be a game changer in 2016. Establishing SEO is an accommodating way for consumers to easily navigate through the information they want to find and the resource they need, which is YOUR business, of course. In addition, content marketing provides the opportunity for businesses to create brand awareness with prospective customers and develop engaging, creative strategies to secure relationships with a distinct, relevant audience.

5. Social Media VideosVideo ads are increasingly becoming more common, with many social media sites offering ad opportunities on their pages. In addition to becoming more acceptable by consumers, businesses are gaining a greater understanding of their overall effectiveness in targeted markets.

6. Ensuring Your Website is always UpdatedAlthough it sounds simple, the significance of having a modern, appealing, and navigation-friendly website cannot be stressed enough. As we approach 2016, we are continuing to evolve into a demanding society who desires to obtain necessary information within the click of a button. Seek Amplified Digital if you are in need of creating a website that involves relevant content, an aesthetic landscape, and maneuverable features for any potential consumer.

7. Social Media StrategyMake your presence on social media personable, appropriate to the consumer, and welcoming to the potential customer. Our team of experts can efficiently create and manage your social media page, ensuring customers’ questions and comments are quickly responded to. Your social media page is not only a valued resource for you as an owner; it is also an opportunity for you to establish a foundation as a reliable and hospitable company.

8. Larger Advertising InvestmentsLast but not least, the amount of dollars projected to be spent in 2016’s digital landscape is going to soar astronomically. It is predicted that companies will spend 10 billion dollars more on digital marketing in comparison to 2015.

These are a few of the many upcoming trends individuals are utilizing to enhance their businesses and online presence. At Amplified Digital, we possess the resources, knowledge, and creativity to cultivate a successful marketing plan that will drive your company’s revenue. Let our experts take your 2016 to a whole new level as we dedicate ourselves to helping you gain new business, expand relationships with current customers, and exceed your digital marketing goals to ultimately amplify your brand!