Holiday shopping continues to ever increase on mobile devices: 54% of consumers plan on mobile based shopping techniques. Google has extensive research on shopping trends to indicate the importance of mobile advertising. They found that even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed people will have an extreme growth in spending well into the holiday season. Consumers have the tendency to research early and commit and spend at a later time. This is an advantage for businesses that have yet to fully engage with digital advantages.

54% Consume On Mobile Devices

Research has found that shopping related searches have skyrocketed on mobile devices. Consumers browse hours for gift ideas. Target has an understanding that their mobile identity helps drive consumers into their store. While in store maintaining the customer takes strategy. A mass number of consumers 82% admit to the continuation of mobile product research while in the store. Research varies from competitive pricing to reading customer reviews to verify their potential purchase.

82% in Store Research

A highly increasing trend is through YouTube. Videos of consumers opening and sharing reviews on a product they had recently purchased. This product review video method has reached over 1.1 billion views. Advertising on You Tube holds significant advantages especially during this holiday season.

1.1 Billion Views

Driving a consumer to make the ultimate purchase takes strategy. Here at Amplified Digital we have the resources necessary to create that digital strategy. We highly encourage smart advertising and keep up to date on trending information especially from our partners at Google. Remember that effective digital presence is what’s important and it’s never too late to start amplifying your brand!