Meet Alexa Shelton!

Alexa is an intern here at Amplified participating in our Launch Internship. She’s been here since May and will sadly be leaving us in mid-August to return to college at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.

Alexa’s favorite part about working Amplified is that she feels free to ask questions. She likes the openness of the employees and that everyone is so willing to help with whatever she may need during her day-to-day. The three words that she would use to describe Amplified are: growing, ever-changing, and proactive.

Alexa Shelton St. Louis Arch

Alexa is inspired by her adviser at Spring Hill College. “She loves to teach while also maintaining her career in the communication/PR sphere, which is something I respect about her,” says Alexa. Alexa’s ideal day off includes playing nine holes of golf with her dad and brother and then going to a St. Louis Cardinals game.

We’re happy to have you, Alexa, and are so sad to see you go!