Meet Jolene Sherman, our Fearless Leader (aka Vice President of Digital/Managing Director)! Jolene has been with Amplified for a little over a year, but worked with our sister company the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for 12 years prior. Her motto is made up of three simple phrases: Be honest. Work Hard. Be kind. A fun fact about Jolene: She grew up on over 40 acres of land in the country. She learned how to drive a tractor well before she knew how to drive a car!

Jolene said that one of the things she values most about Amplified Digital is the work ethic of everyone that makes up the agency. She also loves that the industry is ever-changing, and this allows us to explore new opportunities and strategies often, even on a daily basis sometimes. “I also value the energy. I think people are genuinely excited to be here,” said Jolene.

While Jolene has been a part of several of the projects within Amplified, I asked her to choose one she really enjoyed. There was an exercise that the leadership team participated in at Amplified where managers named what they thought were our strengths and weaknesses. “I think the collaboration of different opinions to determine where we can improve, tactics to make those areas better, and how to effectively implement those changes was beneficial. If we can keep that spirit when solving problems, we can continue building a strong company,” Jolene said.

Those that inspire her the most every day are her two sons. She noted that the reason behind that is the inspiration to serve as a strong role model to them every day. “While it can be difficult in our society to be good people, my sons remind me to be the best version of myself and inspire me to be better and make good decisions,” Jolene said.

One thing that Jolene would love to do is travel to Australia or spend some time eating and drinking her way through Italy!