As businesses, we are working in an interesting time when technology and digital advertising is growing exponentially, but we still have millions of consumers accustomed to the “old ways” of traditional marketing through radio, television and print. If you choose one media platform over the other, you are likely missing out on a large audience of potential customers, so creating a campaign that integrates both is a winning combination for your business.

Customers want variety, with 72% wanting to connect with businesses through integrated campaigns. While the younger generations and those accustomed to the digital realm are easier to reach via connected devices, remember that people aren’t limited to one arena when getting information; they watch TV, read newspapers or magazines, listen to the radio and may even check out printed flyers when at events or shop locations. Running exclusive or digital-heavy campaigns may also be excluding those in older generations who are not on any digital platforms.

Splitting your marketing budget between traditional and digital is a great way to reach many different types of people. While you are able to target your digital campaigns to almost exactly who you’re looking for, you can create a broader campaign to reach a larger, non-targeted audience through traditional marketing. This gives your campaign the potential to grab the attention of a customer segment you may not have even considered. Tracking results from traditional marketing may be more difficult, but for items like direct mail, you could include an exclusive special or coupon for your products or services that will help bring new customers in the door. You should even use your traditional marketing to call attention to your digital presence, providing customers with your web address, or letting them know they can find you on social media platforms like Facebook. Always show your customers that you are available where they are.

Still not sure how it works? Take Clorox, for example. Their company has been around since 1913, so they’ve seen the evolution of many different advertising platforms. Traditionally, they placed ads on radio, television, and in print ads, but they needed to grow their digital presence. Using social media, they began a campaign at the beginning of a school year focusing on cleaning and disinfecting tips for classrooms and beyond, gaining traction with parents around the world thanks to their useful information. Of course, they still bring awareness using traditional advertising with print ads and relatable television commercials.

Even if you are running traditional and digital components together, using each advertising piece as independent of all others will result in a campaign that is ineffective and underutilized. Take a step back and start looking at the ways traditional and digital marketing can work hand-in-hand. You can use both to create an attention-grabbing campaign that will have customers remembering your name. Learning who your customers are will help you determine the optimal way to split your advertising budget in a way that works the best for your business goals.

Integrated marketing campaigns are essential to growing your business across your entire audience. At Amplified Digital Agency, we can help run several of these components for you, making your integrated campaign experience seamless and successful. Contact us today to get started.