It is no secret that mobile advertising and marketing are some of the most prominent and beneficial forms of advertising. The average American spends around five hours a day on a mobile device; that’s a lot of potential face-time for any business!

Here are some specific reasons that mobile should be an important piece of your advertising strategy:

Location targeting. Individuals using a phone can be targeting based on their location, therefore their proximity to your business. Furthermore, these consumers are aware that their phone will most likely give them the closest options that satisfy what they are looking for, as search queries with the words “near me” have significantly decreased in the last year

Mobile Commerce. Aka “mCommerce”. A lot of mobile users prefer to do their shopping online. This allows them to search the details and of any product they are looking for and explore their options, all in the same place. More than 50% of mobile shoppers say they are open to shopping new brands.

In store shopping assistance. Many customers may still shop in store, but turn to mobile devices for more affordable options, or to order a product that may not be stocked in their desired size or color in-store.

Increase awareness. Customers can be targeted based on their location and this exposure will familiarize them with your brand. They may recognize a logo or product and the repeated exposure can increase the probability of engagement or conversions.

Repeated ad exposure. Publishing ads on mobile increases the amount of people you can target in different places. Not all mobile users have laptops, but most laptop users also have mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This enables you to increase their exposure on multiple mediums.

Site benefits. Sites that are mobile friendly are typically faster and acquaint with visitors more easily. More than half of your potential visitors will abandon your site if it takes them longer than 3 seconds to reach your landing page.

SMS messaging. The read and response rate for text messages is far higher than that of emails. Targeting individuals through text can increase the chance of conversion or engagement.

Most mobile users expect their messages to be clear, concise, and instant. With a device that is meant for on-the-go use, a cell-phone’s basic purpose is to assist with a short turnaround time. Businesses have multiple opportunities to target these individuals through apps, web browsers, and social media. With the average American spending 5 hours a day on a mobile device, overlooking these opportunities could be detrimental to any brand.