It’s overwhelming to keep up with Instagram’s updates, and in 2020 there were quite a few. We were introduced to Instagram Reels, Live, and Shops, along with several other fun new features. With all these updates,  you might have missed the addition of Guides back in May. Let’s jump on in and learn exactly what Instagram Guides are, how to create them, and why you should be utilizing them for your marketing!

Intro to Instagram Guides and How to Use It

What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram says Guides are “a way to easily discover recommendations, tips, and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers…” It allows anyone to share their favorite products, places, or posts in a beautiful, editorialized way. You now have the ability to create long-form text content in a dedicated tab — think of them almost like blog posts. Instagram’s intent was to make it easier for users to find, curate, and share products, places, and posts without the hassle of endlessly scrolling to find what you’re looking for. By creating a blog-like content option, they are ensuring users stay on the platform longer. Instead of directing your followers to an external website or blog, you can now point them to a Guide, keeping customers on your page and on the app longer.

How to Use Instagram Guides

You can create a Guide showcasing nearly anything. Remember, you have three Guide types to choose from: places, products, and posts. Once you’ve selected your type, you’ll be prompted to choose the content for your guide. If you’re doing a travel guide, you can search places from all over the world to include, or choose from tagged locations in your very own posts. If you decide to do a gift guide or feature a new product launch, you’re able to select your own products from your shop, or search from thousands of brands you love. Lastly, let’s say you want to create a Guide of your most informative email marketing tips — simply choose from your own posts, Reels, or IGTVs until your list is ready to share. Feel free to expand on your original captions by adding a description for your Guide, being sure to include key words and hashtags to up your searchability.

Benefits of Instagram Guides

Guides makes it easy to organize the content you’ve worked so hard to create in a way that’s resourceful for your followers and customers. It’s a one stop shop that doesn’t require users to aimlessly search the content on your grid for what they’re looking for. When someone is in a Guide and chooses to click on an individual post, it will automatically direct them back to the original. Recycling content at its finest! A good thing to note is that you’re able to edit your Guides and continue adding new posts. With each new post that’s added, your Guide will state when it was last updated, letting your followers know you’re staying on top of things and updating with fresh content. Once created, your curated Guides will live in a new tab next to your Reels and tagged posts on your profile, and can easily be shared via Stories, direct message, or link.

Intro to Instagram Guides and How to Use It

Why Should I Start Using Guides?

Instagram favors users that utilize as many of its functionalities as possible. So, in short, if you create a Guide, not only are you creating new, valuable content for your customers, you’re also more likely to be favored in the algorithm, allowing your work to be noticed by new, potential customers. Secondly, Guides will also be the new way to get discovered. As much as we love using hashtags to garner engagement, Instagram might be heading towards a more SEO-friendly search component in the near future. If you’re filling your guides with relevant key words and phrases, your chances of being discovered are a lot higher.

Instagram Guides is a great way to repurpose and extend the life of your brand’s content. From traditional posts, Reels, or IGTVs, you can now find creative ways to breathe new life into your previously made content. Excited to refresh your social media in 2021, but need some help? Contact our team today and let us help you!