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What is Resonate Ignite?

The Resonate Ignite Platform is the only AI-driven consumer data and analytics platform that seamlessly accelerates insights into action. Resonate provides access to more than 13,000 real-time, propriety, values-driven insights on 200M+ individual consumers, allowing advertisers to enrich their understanding of their own customers.

How is this Data Gathered?

  • Massive Scale Surveys
    • To understand motivations at census scale, Resonate conducts far more surveys than any other consumer research platform – they maintain 200,000 active survey responses in their platform over a two-year period. Responses are pre-matched to observed individual content histories. Resonate collects a representative sample from leading online panels.
  • Target & Optimize
    • In order to target and optimize media, Resonate trains predictive models on their primary research, and projects their insights to the online population through the individual content feed. The resulting pool of 550 million devices is then available for analysis or delivery on video, display, social, or mobile media.
  • Big Data Content Feed
    • Resonate collects page-level content viewing data for over 10 billion events a day across millions of domains. They run that data through proprietary natural language processing algorithms to understand the topic-interest graph of each person, in order to associate that behavior with their underlying values and motivations.


How Can We Use the Platform?

  • Website Tagging
    • Place a Resonate pixel on a website to uncover new insights about site visitors.
  • Campaign Tagging
    • Complement standard campaign reporting by adding a resonate tag to digital campaigns. This allows the same level of detailed audience insights offered by pixeling a website, with the key distinction being the audience is based on interactions with an advertising campaign.
  • Audience Activation (Coming Soon)
    • Expand digital targeting capabilities by targeting Resonate audience on social/display platforms

What Types of Reports are Available?

  • Audience Introduction
    • The Audience Introduction Report gives you a high-level picture of what your audience looks like and who they are. This report provides light psychographic data in Top Personal Values and Top Psychological Drivers, as well as an idea of your audiences’ Daily Routine and Hobbies. Highlights on where your audience over-indexes on various demographic attributes are provided. Look to the Demographics Report for a full demographic breakdown.
  • Personal Values
    • The Personal Values report explains the why behind people’s everyday decisions by uncovering what makes us the most human – our values. Use these insights to inform everything – your go-to-market strategy, your customer segmentation strategy, your content strategy, and more.
  • Demographics 
    • The Demographics Report provides a full demographic break down to explain more about who makes up your audience. With this comprehensive insight into your audiences’ demographic composition, you will have a better and deeper understanding of who you are targeting.
  • Brand Affinity
    • The Brand Affinity Report shows which retail, apparel, auto, restaurant, hotel, and airline brands your audience has an affection or fondness.
  • Media Consumption
    • The Media Consumption Report provides you with a comprehensive report to help you understand what an audience watches (show & networks, streamed shows), how much time they spend online, on social media and in front of their TVs, and what apps they use on their mobile devices.
  • Audience Comparison
    • The Audience Comparison Report provides additional demographic and psychographic insights that speak to the why behind a purchase or action, so you can further understand who makes up your audience, and the drivers behind their decisions.

Example Reports:

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