In the realm of digital marketing, it seems there are always new ways to reach your customers, ranging from simple to complex and even highly targeted. Some trends show promise, only to prove inefficient, while others remain to change the face of marketing as we know it. So how do you know what’s worth your investment? As we move forward in 2018, here is a glimpse of some of the digital marketing trends to look for:


Ecommerce is continuing its evolution as more consumers research products or services and make purchases online. Shopping experiences will continue to become more personalized as companies utilize the customer data received from these behaviors. Digital advertising campaigns are able to be tailored to show customers products they have already purchased, even down to the size. This can help direct customers in future purchase decisions, displaying similar products that may interest them. With more shopping completed online, there will be less reliance on brick-and-mortar stores, although many online retailers are using pop-up shops to help drive interest.

The information that is gained from customers’ digital behaviors can also provide an insight into how they are buying products and services. As a company, you can take this information to get in front of your customers at every stage of the buying process with the right ad messages. Being able to show an ad tailored to a consumer’s mindset will only increase the likelihood that a purchase will be completed.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is expected to see continued growth in 2018. When used correctly, these types of advertisements will help improve engagement with your brand and could even help your business go viral. They build relevance as well as the relationship with your target market. These ads are typically very mobile friendly, reaching your audience where they spend most of their time. While most of these ads are done on social media platforms, it will be important to evaluate your strategy to ensure your message comes across with Facebook’s updated algorithm.

Digital and Daily Life Come Together

While this trend began in 2017, it is safe to say it will only continue to grow this year. Digital campaigns will be based around offline experiences, working together to create a seamless, immersive experience for the consumer. As more brands take into account their individual customer’s needs, new creative options are developed. For example, popular clothing brand Topshop integrated digital into their show at London Fashion Week, providing live stream of the catwalk, app notifications about news from LFW, and gave customers the ability to purchase pieces seen at the show instantly online and in-store. Hilton hotels are experimenting with this ability, as well, by adding more functionality to its app, allowing customers to check-in, unlock their room with a digital key, and even requesting an Uber.

Programmatic Advertising

The data and control provided by programmatic advertising is particularly appealing for businesses looking to increase sales and utilize different ad options. These campaigns can work hand-in-hand with native content as they can be targeted directly to those more likely to engage with the message. Programmatic is also going to become an appealing option in television with the increase in users shifting away from traditional television viewing and towards Connected TV. These strategies can allow companies to serve ads through all of the various channels a consumer uses, leading to greater success in achieving advertising goals.

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