People have become more familiar & comfortable with interacting through their smartphones & tablets rather than talking face to face. And while this way of communication continues to trend upward, technology developers are spending their days brainstorming ways to keep the consumer on their network and/or product instead of in front of you, (the parent, the friend, business owner).

Today, Snapchat published a blog post, “Putting the Chat into Snapchat” where they announced a new Snapchat app feature called, “Chat” adding another dynamic to their users’ conversations by allowing them to text message one another and participate in live video chats with their Snapchat friends!

“Until today, we felt Snapchat was missing an important part of conversation: presence. There’s nothing like knowing you have the full attention of your friend while you’re chatting,” said Snapchat.

This new feature adds a more creative way to converse with your friends, both nearby and long distance. Previously, users could put a small amount of text on top of the image they snapped. With “Chat,” users can now swipe right on their friends name to launch a text message chat screen. In true Snapchat fashion, once you have chosen to leave the text conversation screen, messages viewed by both parties will be cleared. Keep in mind however, that the screenshot option is still available allowing users to save anything they would like, so keep conversations tasteful.

Wondering how you can start grabbing your friends’ full attention? Snapchat will send their users a notification when a friend is in their chat & from there you simply press & hold to share a live video stream chatting face to face- over your smartphone or tablet of course!