Reflecting back on this short week, I legitimately almost wrote about having writer’s block which would have been the ultimate example of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Then I decided it was unlikely that I personally would read a blog post about such a topic so I decided against it. I have instead decided to talk about the importance of having experience to accompany a degree, and how actions speak louder than words.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Communications program at Spring Hill College where our professors are active communications professionals. They know what will benefit us the most when we go out into the workforce after graduation. One of the requirements to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at SHC is an internship. This portion of the program is what set SHC apart from everywhere else that I looked when considering a Communications program for college.

The conundrum that many fall into after college is that one is most helpful to an employer if one has experience; if nobody hires you (since you lack experience) then how does one gain experience? The requirement of an internship within a degree program can close that gap, and give someone the opportunity to go into a workplace and still be useful to an employer, but to also learn about the field in the process.

At the end of the day, the purpose of pursuing a degree is to find a way to stand among the many others that apply for the same positions, and ultimately to rise above those individuals. To be honest, the majority of people can go to class, as hard as it is to get up some days. One would also hope that they could write papers, make/give presentations, work in a group, etc. The question is once you get that job, can you transition to that position as seamlessly as your history and resume implies. Even with all of the knowledge in the world, without the ability to apply it with few issues, it isn’t worth a dime.

I would strongly encourage anyone that is currently pursuing a degree to seek out an internship that resembles anything similar to their future career field while still in school. Saying that the idea of going into a workplace scares you is not a valid excuse either, because you’ll have to do it eventually. I worked in fast food for over four years before I pursued something that resembled my desired field, to say this is new to me is an understatement. In just one day spent at internship (the equivalent of 11.5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy) I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge. Since Patrick Dempsey can’t help me get a job, I’ve decided it is a fair trade.