It’s officially February! While this month is known for many things – like cold weather, Valentine’s Day, and being the shortest month of the year – one of the most powerful things February is known for is its celebration of Black History. During this month (and every month really), it’s important to recognize the heritage, accomplishments, and culture of African Americans in the United States. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to celebrate the Black community during the month of February.

Support Black Businesses and Restaurants

A simple way to celebrate Black History Month is to support Black businesses both locally and nationally. If you plan to dine out this month, try picking a Black-owned restaurant, or if you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, look for a Black-owned store to purchase from. By making a conscious effort to spend your money with Black businesses, you are contributing to the future of Black entrepreneurship.

Visit a Black History or Civil Rights Museum in Your Area

One way to educate yourself on Black history and culture is to visit a museum focused on the topic. With hundreds of African American museums across the country, you should be able to find a museum close to you. Spend a day learning about different moments of Black History and support a local museum while doing it!

Celebrate Black Artists

From singers, to painters, to poets and everything in between, there are plenty of Black artists that you can support this month. Attend a local exhibit by a Black artist in your community or listen to songs from your favorite Black musicians. Whether they are well-known or up-and-coming, celebrating Black artists is the perfect way to honor Black History Month.

Watch Movies Highlighting Black History

Learning more about Black History doesn’t have to include hours of research. This month, instead of binging another trendy Netflix show, try watching a few movies about Black History. With movies covering anything from the Civil Rights Movement to space, there are plenty of options available for you to learn about Black History while relaxing on your couch.

Donate to a Black Organization

There are hundreds of Black organizations that aim to create opportunities for the community and who advocate for equality. Whether they are fighting poverty and homelessness, teaching young Black women about computer programming, or providing resources for trans-women of color, these organizations are helping the Black community. Find a Black organization that resonates with you and see how you can donate your money, time, or talents to make a difference.

Read a Book by a Black Author

Reading reduces stress, improves brain connectivity, and increase comprehension. This month, be mindful about what book you choose to read. Research Black authors in the genre you prefer or choose a book about Black History. Either way, reading a book by a Black author will have a positive impact.

Learn About Historical Black Figures

The best way to celebrate Black History is to learn about it. Try picking several prominent historical Black figures to research. Shirley Chisholm, who was the first African American woman elected to congress, Bessie Coleman, first African American licensed pilot, and Ralph J. Bunche, first African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize, are just a few examples of historical figures you may not already know about. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie, or scanning the internet, take time to expand your knowledge of Black History.

Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to recognize and learn about the accomplishments of Black individuals through history. We hope this list has given you some ideas to be mindful this month and find ways to honor Black History. Share this list with a friend to tackle it together and hold each other accountable!