Did you know it is estimated that a person in the United States can expect to move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40 million people move each year.

There are a variety of reasons that lead Americans to move from home to home, such as new job opportunities, pursuing an education, a change in marital status, new additions to the family, etc. With the ever-changing population of American movers, the average business needs to replace approximately 20 percent of its customer base that relocate in any given year. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with these newly moved audiences is highly crucial to the success of all industries. In addition, as movers work to construct their “new” lifestyles in a different area, they are actively spending thousands of dollars on upgraded products and services. As a result, there should be a high priority placed around strategically targeting new movers who are in search of creating new relationships with local businesses.

At Amplified Digital, we understand the significance of targeting and building relationships with individuals new to your business’s territory in times of increased spending. We go beyond simply purchasing a New Mover list from a third-party vendor for mass direct mailing and understand the importance of taking on a data-driven approach of consuming a variety of updated data and analytics to drive increased engagement between new consumers and your company. How do we make this happen, you ask? With Amplified Digital’s New Movers program, we have the ability to help you target people who are moving or have just moved into their new home with both online display and video ads. Your business is now universally exposed to your audience on any of their devices including their computer, mobile device, and tablet. Digital New Movers updates twice each day and connects your business to consumers in just HOURS after they’ve moved in to their new home.

This form of programmatic advertising works by targeting by zip code/lists of zip codes, city, or state and allows you to layer your data preferences into the campaign to more accurately reach your targeted audience. These data sets include:

  • Demographic Sectors
  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • Home Ownership Info (Dwelling Type, Home Value, Home Ownership Indicator, Length of Residence, Year Home Built)
  • Geo-Targeting Options (DMA, State, Zip Code)

As a business owner, you select which of the three Digital New Mover categories to implement into your campaign. The three phases of new mover targeting include Pre-Sale, Escrow, and Post-Mover.

Pre-Movers include individuals who have just listed their home for sale. We can collect data on these individuals based on real estate listings and “for sale by owner” information. This new mover phase is extremely effective with companies such as storage units, moving trucks and services, real estate agents, and mortgage businesses.

The second phase, Escrow, includes individuals who have sold their home but have not yet moved. This is another opportunity for storage units, moving trucks and services, real estate agents, and mortgage businesses to take advantage of to get a solid lead on consumers in their “in-between” phase.

Lastly, the Post-Mover phase is just as it sounds-an individual who has just moved into their new home. We have the ability to target these individuals based on data we have retrieved from self-reported subscription changes of address, utility hook-ups, telephone connects, and deed data. Great businesses for this type of mover audience include cable/dish/television providers, internet service suppliers, dentists, doctors, urgent cares, hospitals, banks, credit unions, child care services and schools, hair salons, recreational clubs, gyms, restaurants, bars, entertainment businesses, churches, synagogues, etc.

The process is easy AND necessary for business owners demanding constant exposure to their audiences in all phases of their move. You decide where you want to target, and we assist you in selecting the most appropriate phase of individuals to reach. Ready to reach the right person at the right time? Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to develop a complete marketing strategy that exceeds all your business needs!