Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is an interactive and eye-catching advertising strategy that empowers brands to digitize their ads and display content easily accessible to the general public. From highways to elevators, malls to airports, subways to taxis, and arenas to street corners DOOH offers massive reach and high-impact experiences woven into consumers’ daily journeys between home, work, shopping, and entertainment.

How it Works

    Using digital out of home advertising ensures that your ads are reaching more than a 1:1 audience by instead, reaching groups of highly desirable consumers at the same time in high impact moments. Your ads are 100% viewable with zero ad blocking. Optimize your campaigns using eye-catching creative, segment by time of day and/or weather/temperature & more.


    • Billboards
    • Office Buildings
    • Retail
    • Health Clubs
    • Grocery Checkout
    • Transit
    • Point of Care
    • Screen TVs
    • Display Repurposing
    • GSTV*

    *GSTV requires a minimum of $50,000 total campaign spend.

    Optimization & Measurement

      Utilize device-level data to drive campaign optimization and power digital attribution, all in exactly the same way as for other programmatic channels

      Optimizations Options:

      • Creative
      • Time of day
      • Screen
      • Venue
      • Geo
      • Weather/Temperature

      Pricing Model

      This is sold on a cost per thousand (cpm) model. Remember, this is not reaching a 1:1 audience. One “play” can reach multiple people at once.

      NEW: DOOH

      • Basic Display: $12cpm
      • Basic Video: $22cpm
      • Premium Display: $20cpm
      • Premium Video: $60cpm

      Agency Minimum: $500/mo
      *$50,000 required campaign spend for GSTV.  Required Custom quote.
      **Video is available for this placement at the following venues:

      • Hotels
      • Office Buildings
      • Sports/Gyms
      • Subway Stations
      • Supermarket Checkouts
      • Universities
      • Kiosks
      • Screen TV Monitors
      • Vending Machines
      • Display Panels

      Market Support