Did you know that 92% of consumers are more likely to engage with an ad if there are interactive elements? Conversational ads allow you to capture the attention of your audience by creating engaging conversational experiences in your paid ads.

Conversational ads allow businesses to interact with consumers via an automated chat conversation. These automated conversations can range from collecting an email address in exchange for an offer (to use in future marketing campaigns), to asking a series of questions and recommending a product or solution.

Interact with Consumers within Your Ads!

  • Pre-defined choices and free form text entry
  • Product search, lists, and details
  • Carousels displaying multiple options
  • Rich media – videos, pictures, animated gifs, emojis
  • Content dissemination – products, coupons, articles
  • Integration to DTC, retailers or delivery service shopping carts
  • Reviews, ratings, store/product locator
  • Real-time connections to APIs and data sources

Conversational Ad Units

Conversational Ad Units

Conversational ads can run as a 300×600 ad unit on:

  • Local O&O Display
  • Programmatic Ad Networks for Audience Targeted Display, Mobile Location, or IP Targeting
  • Can also be used as the landing page for a social ad (requires static ad image to link to this experience)

Conversational Ad Reporting

Conversational Display ads have detailed reporting to track engagement and performance. Reporting metrics include:

  • Impressions
  • Messages Sent
  • Message Time
  • Message Hours
  • Common Phrase Engagement
  • Subscribers and more…

* Conversational ad metrics do not flow into TapClicks presently – only impressions will be counted in TapClicks. All engagement metrics will be derived from the Conversational Ad platform.


  • CPM Based display ads are priced at an additional $3CPM – added to the tactic’s CPM
  • Session based ads are priced at $0.36 per session – which will need a custom quote for the planned usage/location to ensure rates are set accordingly

Example Ads

Click on the links below to view and interact with demo ads in a real world setting.

Conversational Ad Examples