What is Geo targeting?

Before you can dive head first into this article, it is important to understand what geo targeting is.

Geo targeting, also spelled geo-targeting, is used in context of advertising. When geotargeting is used, it delivers content to a user based on their geographic location and can be used to target local consumers, or customers, through paid pay-per-click (PPC) or organic search ads, as well as through targeted display advertising.

Geo targeting is a very low-key, strategic way of putting your brand in front of a quality local consumer. What do I mean by low-key and strategic? The consumer generally does not know they are being targeted based on their location at that time. Therefore, giving you the chance to put your brand, product, or services in front of a consumer who may or may not have known you even existed.

Is geotargeting becoming more mainstream?

The simple answer: Yes.

According to a new mobile survey, “49% of marketers already use device (GPS) position to deliver content.”

The New Shopping Device,” contains valuable statistics on how revenue for businesses is at an all time high due to online, cell phone shoppers.

You may be wondering the correlation between mobile shopping & geotargeting, and whether or not you should invest in this marketing tactic.

Think of it this way: You own a local business in St. Louis, MO.  You are happy with your annual  revenue and are flourishing as we speak, but you would like take it a step further & increase your revenue by targeting tourists. Geo-targeting allows you to put your business in front of a customer based on their location. This customer could be on their mobile device, laptop or desktop near your business and just like that your ad is placed in front of them, allowing you to reach not only local consumers, but especially tourists. Let’s say they entered your business neighborhood to check into their hotel, and while they are waiting they hop on their phone to check-in using foursquare. While checking-in, your ad for 30% off for first time shoppers appears on their phone & they can see that your store is only one mile away, so they decide to utilize this coupon for a souvenir or gift back home. You get the picture, right?

Geo-targeting opens up a window for business owners who may not know how to reach new customers, or how to capture the attention of potential consumers they seeing walking down the street every day.

So what are you waiting for?

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