Cellular Shopping takes over desktop & laptop

Do you feel most comfortable & secure shopping online from the comfort of your computer chair or at the convenience of your fingertips?

According to San Jose Mercury News & the latest survey from Branding Brand, most people prefer to shop with a simple touch of their fingertip with more than half of retailers online sales coming from mobile devices.

Branding Brand took 18 clients and did a study of their March 2013 to March 2014 mobile device sales and the results were astonishing!

In March 2013, there were 10,003,472 smartphone visits and out of those visits 59,080 made purchases resulting in $5,630,315.00 revenue just by smartphone alone! But, it doesn’t stop there! In March 2014 using those same 18 clients smartphone visits & complete orders more than doubled, bringing March 2014 revenue to $15,106,324.00!

It is with no surprise that mobile marketing & the digital world continue to expand and evolve before our very own eyes. Please make no mistake and think that as a business owner this type of change is going to happen over night with the blink of an eye and several hot cups of coffee. However, with the growth of mobile users vs. desktop users these results should make you question whether you are investing enough of your marketing budget where it should be: in digital. With such a jump in visits and overall revenue, you have to wonder what factors came into play to see such successful results for these retailers.

What does this mean for business owners?

  1. Your business needs to be mobile ready!  Having a mobile friendly website helps from scaring away overall revenue your business could be seeing.
  2. If you are a retailer, which we assume most of you are if you are reading this online shopping article, you should highly consider an e-commerce store for your consumers. Taking your store from a physical walk-in location & expanding to an online shopping experience is mobile shoppers dream! Think about it, if you are based in St. Louis, MO most of your revenue likely comes from local or in-area visitors. Imagine taking your market and expanding it across the world!
  3. If you are not ready to plunge into the online shopping realm, please do your business and shoppers a favor with mobile advertising.

Mercury News reports, “26% of those polled said they could not live without their smartphone.” Which means, that the likelihood of falling asleep with your phone in hand is the same likelihood of purchasing your next home wall decor with the press of a button.

4. It is time to go social. Yes, we mean Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogging, Google Plus & all of the other trending outlets! Social platforms allows for digital marketing; reach your target audience: online retail shoppers.

What do I do now?

If you are ready to acknowledge that mobile devices are taking over our beloved laptops & desktop computers and you would like to see how mobile users can make a difference in your annual revenue, pick up your phone and call Amplified Digital Agency at 314-884-2080 or use or online form to take the next step! You can no longer run from the digital world, there are no more places you can hide.

After all, the Holiday Shopping season is coming up: beat the crowd with one simple click!