We are excited to announce that Google Q&A is now available for management by the Amplified team! This service will be rolled into all existing and future packages for the products* listed below, starting on January 1, 2020. 

  • Legacy Reputation Management
  • Presence+
  • Presence Premium

This rollout will be automatic. No action is needed from sales support or client’s, and no additional orders will need to be entered into SWFT.

*Management of Google Q&A requires access to the client’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. If your client opted out of GMB management, we will not be responding to Google Q&A for their business.

What It Is

Google Q&A is a tool that provides customers with useful information, right in the knowledge panel of a Google My Business listing. Potential customers are able to ask any questions they want, and Google users & business owners alike can answer these questions from search on any device, and from Google Maps.

How It Works

  • Both the customer and the business owner can ask questions and answer questions about the business online
  • Anyone can “like” a question or answer by clicking the thumbs up icon
  • The question/answer with the most likes will show up on the front page of the GMB listing, directly in the knowledge panel
  • All other questions and answers will be shown behind the “see all questions” link, in order of how many likes they have received
  • Questions and answers can’t be down voted, but they can be reported for any of the following reasons: off-topic, no longer applies, advertising or spam, hate, violent or inappropriate, or incorrect information

Executive Report

Google Q&A is also available in your client’s Executive Report! Provided that your clients are receiving questions on their Google Listing, they will be able to view the following details in their Executive Report:

  • How many new questions were received during the selected time frame
  • How many questions are unanswered (and change from the previous time period)
  • How many questions have been answered by the business owner (and the change from the previous time period)
  • How many questions have been answered by other Google users (and the change from the previous time period)

Management Parameters

The answers provided in Google Q&A can have a strong impact on a customer’s decision to call or visit a business. As such, in order for the Amplified team to respond to questions on Google on behalf of your client, we are requiring the following:

  • If we cannot find the answer with the resources we have access to, we ask that the client provide the details for us to respond on their behalf
  • If we can find the answer, we require that the client approves the response before publishing it on the Google question

These expectations will be outlined on all intake calls with the clients.

Read more about Google Q&A here.