Tap Clicks & Campaign Reporting training sessions are now available in our Lee University training system.

Available sessions include 10 total courses, complete with the importance of sharing reporting and having reporting conversations with clients, as well as a bite sized 5-12 minute course on each product type, with the metrics available for that product type, what to look for, as well as how to speak to those metrics with clients, all rounded out with a role playing exercise showing an example of how to hold a reporting call with a client. There are no pre-requisites for these sessions, so feel free to pop back in and re-watch them as needed at any time.

If you have any trouble accessing reporting, please submit a ticket here, or if you have questions, reach out to the Retention/Client Success team by emailing them at post@amplifieddigitalagency.com.

For December Campaign Reporting (taking place in January): Retention/Client Success team members will be available to support you with any questions or troubleshooting for campaigns spending less than $2,500 per month, and will continue providing executive level campaign reports for those at, or above, $2,500 per month in digital billing.

To Access Training: Login to review sessions here. If you are unsure of your login, or have never logged in, please contact Sydney Terzic.

Once you’ve logged in, select Trainings at the top:

Midway through the next page, click on Optional Curriculums


Then scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you will find a section called Digital Campaign Reporting & Analytics

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