I Came. I Saw. I Conquered! MDMC 2016

Yesterday was the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference and it was AMAZING!!! I took in couple of sessions, had a sad lunch with my coworkers at the food trucks (RIP Prince), and even seen some of my classmates. My favorite session was “Made to Share: The Journey to a Hit” presented by the hilarious Brant MClean,  SVP of Brand Strategy for BuzzFeed. I made the mistake of showing up right on time, so the room was PACKED. I finally found a couple of open, front row seats with an obstructed view (bottom, right pic). Still worth it, though. He spoke about how BuzzFeed continues to dominate the web by…..basically being their silly selves. Ok, well not really. It was more like you should humanize what you share. Why?  Because people are more likely to engage with you when they feel they’ve shared a common experience with you. I actually feel like this was a common point of view across all the sessions and panels I attended. So, what’s trending in the Digital Marketing Industry this year????? Being real.

Special ShoutOuts to the UMSL Students, and my fellow classmates, that volunteered (top, right pic)!!!