One could say that my limit on classroom experiences has been far surpassed this year. There comes a time when someone telling you all about an industry becomes more annoying than interesting. Hungry for experience and application, I found myself applying for an internship with Amplified Digital. Although I am less than three days deep in this eye-opening experience, I can honestly say it has been the most beneficial and interesting three days I have ever endured.

As a soon-to-be Junior Communications student at Spring Hill College, I have observed endless lectures on marketing, studied the digital marketplace, written and produced several online stories, and listened tirelessly to professor after professor tell me all about what I have to look forward to in a communications career. I am unashamed to admit that after these two years, I am that girl that watches the Super Bowl just for the commercials and goes on and on about advertisements and social media presence to the point I bore my roommate to tears sometimes. After all, this just proves I am headed in the right direction, towards a career that I find not only easy to grasp, but interesting and enjoyable.

My first training session was on programmatic advertising. While these concepts were relatively familiar to me, inputting them all into a software program is a completely different animal. Rather than feeling overwhelmed at this sudden transition, I found myself easily engaged and ready to learn. I pursued this opportunity in an effort to apply all of the knowledge I have acquired thus far in a communications setting, and that is exactly what I was doing during my first week. It would be safe to say that returning to my part time job for the weekend will not be as riveting as it previously was, but that is okay. It shows that brighter and more exciting things are ahead, and nothing makes me happier!

While my first week was filled with Human Resources paperwork and online training tutorials, I would not  have it any other way. Not all work is fun, however it collectively enhances my learning experience. I have been welcomed by nothing but amazing people, and I cannot wait to see all that this opportunity holds for me!