The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving. Between staying up-to-date with new digital trends and constantly keeping an eye on what’s working for your brand, digital marketing can be hard for anyone to keep up with, let alone busy business owners. To maximize your digital marketing efforts, you may need to hire another set of hands – that’s where a digital marketing agency comes in! A good digital partner can strategize, manage projects, and interpret data to make sure your digital efforts are working for you. But with so many digital partners to choose from, how do you make sure you’re partnering with the best agency for your company? We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when evaluating potential digital partners. Plus, answers to these questions from our team at Amplified Digital! By asking the right questions, you can determine the right digital agency for your business.

What digital services is your agency an expert in?

When shopping for a digital partner, you may have a specific need in mind. For instance, if you want to build your email list, you may be looking for a partner that specializes in email marketing. However, it is important to find a full-service digital agency that your business can grow with. Digital marketing is best achieved when multiple tactics work together, so making sure your prospective agency is an expert in multiple digital marketing services will make for a longer and more prosperous partnership.

How we answer:

“Amplified Digital Agency is a full-service agency offering expertise in all online/digital marketing solutions. We have dedicated resources and teams to manage everything from Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, Organic Reputation Management, Creative Solutions and more.” – Elizabeth Dionne, Senior Enterprise Account Executive

How do you measure the success of marketing campaigns?

Measuring the success of a marketing campaign can seem complex. How do you measure things like brand awareness and perception? A good digital agency will have the tools to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that will show if your digital marketing strategy is working for your business. Things like search engine rankings, unique visitors to your website, or bounce rate will be indicators of the success of your marketing campaigns. The right agency should be transparent about the KPIs they are tracking to make sure your campaigns are reaching your goals.

How we answer:

“While we measure all of the KPIs available to us, the most important measure of success is when we achieve the goals our clients have outlined for us. For some, it is the number of conversions in the form of phone calls, emails and form submissions, or overall eCommerce sales and for others, it could be managing or repairing the online reputation, building their online presence, etc. It really depends on what a particular client’s expectations are and if we meet them or not.” – Mark Buterin, Digital Marketing Manager

What will you need from me and my team to make these efforts successful?

If you want your marketing campaigns to be successful, you will need to work closely with the agency and have involvement in the digital strategy. The agency’s answer to this question can help you determine just how involved you can expect to be. Any agency that touts a hands-off approach for their clients will likely not be able to provide you with a digital campaign that will achieve your goals.

How we answer:

“Your goals and what is important to you and your business will help us determine what a successful conversion is for you.” – Carlos Mems, Digital Marketing Manager

How will you handle reporting and information sharing once my campaign has launched?

To determine if digital marketing tactics are working, you’ll need to see regular reporting from the agency you hire. It’s important to ask questions about reporting and information sharing ahead of time to make sure your expectations align with your prospective digital partner. If you’re wanting weekly updates on the progress of your campaigns but the agency only offers monthly comprehensive reports, it may not be a match.  A great agency will look at reporting with you and give you suggestions and insights for your strategy moving forward.

How we answer:

“We utilize a robust reporting platform that clients are granted access to which allows them to see all of their digital marketing performance metrics in almost real-time. We also have monthly/bi-weekly/weekly reporting calls to discuss performance and strategy.” – Lindsay Martino, Strategic Search Solutions Manager

Can you show me examples of previous work?

When considering a digital marketing agency, it is important to ask for references, case studies, or examples of work. Any agency that claims years of experience should have examples of work to show for it. Viewing previous work examples is the best way to determine if this potential digital partner can deliver the results you are looking for. The ideal agency will be able to connect you with other customers or send you relevant case studies that will make you feel good about your future with them as a digital partner.

How we answer:

“Yes, before I overwhelm your inbox, exactly what kind of information are you looking for so I can tailor what I share to best showcase our capabilities?” – Elizabeth Dionne, Senior Enterprise Account Executive

When will I see results?

Be wary of digital marketing agencies that guarantee immediate results from your digital marketing campaigns. If your strategy includes any kind of content marketing or SEO and organic search, you’re not going to see immediate results from these efforts. It may take weeks or even months to improve your organic search results. On the other hand, if you’re strategy includes paid search efforts, you may see more traffic to your website immediately. Results will depend on the digital strategy for your company. Look for an agency that is transparent and honest about the timeline for your digital marketing strategy and expected results.

How we answer:

“Depending on your campaign, you may see some results right away, but usually it takes around 60 to 90 days to get the full results.” – Janie Schmidt, Digital Marketing Manager

Who will be managing my account moving forward?

Every digital agency is different. Some will have dedicated account managers while others use a team approach for handling clients. Some may even have one person pitching potential clients while a different person services the account. When deciding on an agency, it’s important to know who your point of contact will be moving forward and make sure you’re comfortable working with them. If your contact person is different than the person you’ve been working with up to this point, ask to be introduced to the new contact who will be managing your account. This will be a great indicator of what working with the agency will be like going forward.

How we answer:

“It’s a team approach but I will be the main point of contact.” – Molly Winget, Digital Marketing Manager

How much will it cost?

It is important to ask about the anticipated cost of the digital marketing strategies you’re looking into. Like anything else for your business, you want to make sure you are staying within your budget to avoid overspending on marketing efforts. Pricing will vary from agency to agency, but keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. You could be sacrificing quality if your budget it set too low.

How we answer:

“We serve our clients by developing strategies that are designed to effectively meet their goals. Each campaign is designed according to budget and is unique to their needs. Fortunately for our clients, our intelligence solutions allow us to leverage data to ensure (regardless of budget) their investment is maximized. Can we take some time to explore your unique situation?” – Holly Schopp, Regional Sales Manager

What credentials does your agency have?

An agency’s credentials are a great indicator of its quality. Certain certifications can show that the agency has taken the time to become an expert in that field, while different accreditations can show the high level of standards the agency is functioning at. You want to work with an agency of quality to produce the best digital marketing results.

How we answer:

“Google Premier Partner – What this means to you is that Amplified Digital is a top partner with demonstrated ad skills and expertise so you can trust that your campaign will be managed appropriately.

HubSpot Partner – As a HubSpot partner, we will develop an inbound marketing strategy to turn strangers into customers and advocates for your business.

Amplified Digital Agency has been named as one of the Best Advertising Agencies in St. Louis from 2017-2020 and Best Pay-Per-Click Agencies in St. Louis for 2020 by Expertise.

We work with other tech partners and agencies to help create the most impactful campaigns, based on your specific needs and goals.– Brandi Unger, Regional Director of Sales

In the market for a digital partner? Amplified Digital is a full-service digital agency ready to amplify your brand! We are happy to answer these questions and any others you may have. Reach out today!