Recruiting & Hiring with Digital Display

The economic reality of 2016’s employment rate is not entirely impressive by any means, with five percent of the United States population out of work. Last year, America’s unemployment rate hit its lowest level in nearly seven years. Today, the unemployment numbers still slack as the millennial generation makes up about 40 percent of the unemployed in the U.S.

Thousands of unique and educated talent aimlessly linger among the population awaiting the ideal opportunity to match their skillset to the needs and demands of companies within a variety of industries. Meanwhile, employers impatiently seek out the “right” candidates by posting jobs on recruitment sites, running a print or radio ad, or simply rely on word-of-mouth. However, just as prospective employees persistently search for work, employers themselves also must be aggressive in their pursuit to target and reach top candidates.

What is the most efficient way to drive local qualified individuals to your company? Simple…target that talent on top websites through digital display advertising. 88.5 percent of the American population uses the internet, and most agree the internet is an integral part of their daily habits and routines. A highly efficient and definite way to reach actively searching candidates or individuals who are already employed but looking for other opportunities is by running digital display ads on trendy, popular websites such as Yahoo!, New York Times, ESPN, CNN, LinkedIn, etc. This capability allows you to target by age, education, interests, location, and job titles throughout a variety of sites. Users who click on the ad are directed to your company’s site, where they have instant access to the job description.

Hiring top employees is now more simplified and less time consuming than ever for companies trying to fill their positions. Amplified Digital is here to help you modernize your recruiting methods and discover remarkable individuals whose traits and skills can fulfill your company’s needs today.