Online influencers, including data providers, Internet users, and other third parties, have the power to change your clients’ business details without any warning—which impacts their customers’ ability to find their business information online and can greatly impact their visibility over time. Our new reputation management enhancement, called Listing Sync Pro, which is powered by Yext, continuously monitors listings for accuracy and re-sends the accurate data daily in case anything changes. Further, once new data and information is submitted or changed for your client’s listings, the updates are made in nearly real time, allowing us to forgo the long waiting periods for the data and information to “stick”!

The new Listings Sync Pro Powered by Yext includes the following features:

  • Create and Correct Easily – The new offering powered by Yext allows our team to easily create and fix listings with the “push of a button”- getting your clients found on an established network of search engines, social networks, business directories and navigation systems. Your clients will see some of their business listings update within 24-48 hours, and they can expect all of the listings we work with to be synced within 30 days.
  • Real-Time Updates – Send new information and updates to the listing sources in real-time, removing the long wait for updates!
  • Consistently Updated & Accurate Listings – With consistently accurate listings, we’re able to help boost our client’s local search ranking – allowing their customers to find them online easier!
  • Listing Protection – Allows us to block our client’s listings from unwanted or unwarranted changes – automatically re-establishing the accurate listing information when a change has been made. Yext is seen as the “authority” for the listing information, which protects the data from changes by competitors, disgruntled ex employees, and other third parties.
  • Show Proof of Performance – See a list of missing or inaccurate business listings, and when they’ve been created or fixed – giving your clients confidence in your service and program!

What’s included in a Reputation Management Program with the new offering?

  • Creation or graphics update of Facebook and Twitter
    • On-going quarterly creative updates to cover and profile images are available upon request
  • Setup and management of Facebook and Twitter, claiming of Google My Business
  • Post creation for Facebook and Twitter social platforms
    • Including curation of 12 monthly scheduled posts, emailed for approval and editing 3 business days in advance
  • Monitoring and responding to social posts, replies, and messages for Facebook and Twitter (up to 20 interactions/month)
  • Monitoring and responding to reviews on Google My Business (up to 20 interactions/month)
    • Working with the client’s team to address any needed feedback. (TripAdvisor and Yelp are available for an additional fee)
  • Listings Distribution to Major Data Sources AND the Listings Sync Pro Dashboard Powered by Yext
    • Allows customer’s business listing information to be synced on a variety of directory and social sites.
  • Availability of daily, weekly and monthly reporting to send to multiple recipients
  • Training of Social and Reputation dashboards upon request
  • Technical support via phone or email
    • Turnaround time of up to 2 days during business hours

Which listings and sites are covered?

In addition to Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare and Bing, the following are included (*please note, this list is subject to change!):

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the cost?
    • Pricing is custom quoted, however it starts at $450 setup, and about $330 per month, per location.
  • When can my client expect to see results?
    • Please allow 72 business hours for your client’s business information to begin the syncing process. Full syncing of business information can take up to 30 days.
  • Are there any potential complications I need to be aware of before selling this?
    • If your client already has an existing relationship with Yext, they will need to cancel those services before beginning services with us.
  • What happens if my client cancels this service?
    • The listings locked by Yext will be opened up for edits by outside sources.