**Update as of February 05, 2021**

Post-election season, we have seen inventory for our premium gun & ammo network becoming more available. At this time, the minimum has been reduced to a monthly spend of $4,000. We will continue to keep you updated as we navigate this niche space.

Monthly Minimum Spends

  • Programmatic/Native Display: $4,000
  • Site Retargeting: $4,000
  • Programmatic Video: $6,000
  • OTT: $12,000/


October 2020:

In recent years, the category of weaponry and gun related materials have become increasingly taboo in advertising. With the upcoming election, the network is becoming progressively more aggressive and competitive. This increase in competition has made it particularly difficult and politically challenging to run advertisements across these premium networks without running into various setbacks.**

Effective immediately, the Armalot Network has made a major update to their advertising policy. At this time, a minimum monthly spend of $10,000 or more is required to advertise on this network. The team at Amplified will do our best to keep you updated as we receive updated information after the election and moving forward.

Please note that campaigns currently running within this network are on a contracted basis and will continue to run as intended through duration.

For questions concerning future campaign opportunities on the Armalot network, please reach out to your RSD.