As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many advertisers and sellers have inquired about advertising personal protective equipment (PPE). Our teams have been monitoring platform specific guidelines. We’ve outlined the do’s and dont’s of PPE advertising below and will continue to assess and update as guidelines continue to evolve.

Paid Search

Google will allow the sale of PPE. Retailers can now promote surgical masks and other non-N95 masks.

We still cannot promote the sale of N95, KN95, FFP3, PFF2, PFF3, and KF94 masks due to a continued global shortage. These should be reserved for medical professionals at this time.

Audience Targeted Display

We can accept ads with COVID messaging that is:

  • Positive or PSA
  • Educational
  • From reputable retail and packaged goods

We cannot accept the following types of ads:

  • COVID-related ads violating our ad content guidelines. For example, ads targeted at users and perceived to predatory, exploitative, fearmongering, or malicious
  • Ads that attempt to cash in on health emergency or lack of reasonable sensitivity toward it
  • Ads for untested medications or treatment claiming to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19
  • Ads that promote hoarded products or hand-made products serving as PPE
    • Established brands selling legitimate PPE are allowed
  • Cruise ads mentioning coronavirus
  • Predatory financial services offering short-term loans targeted to coronavirus victims


Facebook has expanded their Controversial Content policy to include restricting or prohibiting ads commercially promoting certain medical supplies and other high-demand products related to COVID-19 as they have been associated with exploitative behavior, effective December 18, 2020.

Examples allowed under this advertising policy:

  • Ads that promote information related to COVID-19 vaccines, which includes information regarding where people can go to get vaccinated (ex: “You may have access to a COVID-19 vaccine at little to no cost. Check with your health provider today”)
  • Promoting donations as long as they are not contingent on the sale of a temporarily prohibited product (ex: medical masks) or include claims to prevent or cure COVID-19
  • Ads that inform people of changes in business hours or operations due to COVID-19
  • Ads for insurance products and services as long as they don’t incite fear or indicate urgency in light of COVID-19
  • Ads that seek to inform or educate consumers without a commercial purpose

Acceptable to promote with temporary restrictions*:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Surface Disinfectant Wipes
  • Non-Medical Masks: Non-medical masks are masks or face coverings that do not fit within the definition of medical masks below. Common examples of non-medical masks may, but do not necessarily, include masks that are non-medical grade, masks that have been handmade, custom made, are reusable or crated out of household fabrics (ex: cotton, cloth, denim, etc.) or refashioned non-conventional materials (ex: neoprene, wetsuits, board shorts, etc.), or developed for fashion purposes

Temporarily Prohibited:

During this unprecedented time, Facebook has temporarily prohibited ads commercially promoting certain medical supplies and other high-demand products related to COVID-19 as they have been associated with exploitative behavior. This currently includes the following products:

  • COVID-19 Test Kits: Products that are intended to be self-administered (ex. Not administered by or in consultation with a medical professional). This includes at-home sample collection products, at-home COVID-19 antibody tests, and other means by which to access one’s COVID-19 status at home without proper consultation or assessment by a medical professional
    • Ads promoting information on where people are able to get COVID-19 tests administered and the promotion of testing services, such as those administered in hospitals, testing sites, remote telehealth services, and clinics are allowed
  • Medical Face Masks, which include masks used by health professionals for the protection or prevention of ailments, illness, or disease, such as surgical or procedure masks, medical masks, N95 masks, KN95, P2, DS2, DL2, KF94, N99, FFP2, or other masks that claim health or prevention capabilities. This also includes any type of face mask that includes text or other components that allude to medical or health functionality, or that claim to filter particulates (including infectious particles), providing respiratory protection, or disease prevention in any way
  • Other products that include any of the prohibited products above as a free gift

*Temporary Restrictions for Non-Medical Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Surface Disinfectant Wipes Ads
In an effort to protect people from predatory or exploitative behavior, not all advertisers are eligible to advertise non-medical masks, surface disinfectant wipes, and/or hand sanitizers, and some may have ad targeting restrictions which are detailed below. These restrictions are intended to be temporary and over time more businesses may be eligible to promote non-medical masks.

  • Advertisers must have a minimum advertising history of 4 months and accounts must be eligible to advertise on Facebook (ex: not disabled due to violating activity): Advertising history is measured by the ad account’s advertising start date. If your ad account started advertising less than 4 months ago, it must be associated with a tenured Business Manager (created over 4 months ago) to be eligible to advertise non-medical masks. This 4 month period will be based on the date that the ad was reviewed compared to the ad account’s advertising start date and/or Business Manager creation date.


  • Sale of COVID-19 vaccines: Ads that promote the sale of COVID-19 vaccines, such as attempts to sell COVID-19 vaccine kits or expedited access to vaccines are prohibited
    • Ads promoting information related to COVID-19 vaccines and access to COVID-19 vaccines are allowed (ex. “You may have access to COVID-19 vaccine at little to no cost. Check with your healthcare provider today.”)

Keep in mind, ads cannot link to a landing pages that feature the sale of prohibited products or services. Your ad may not be approved if the landing page doesn’t comply with Advertising Policies.

Prohibited Content:

  • Ads for supplies or products related to COVID-19 that use the public health crisis to create a sense of urgency or incite fear (ex: “COVID-19 is on the rise. ORDER NOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF”)
  • If an advertiser wants to mention community benefits of using non-medical masks, hand sanitizer, and/or surface disinfectant wipes, the ad and landing page must avoid any direct or implied prevention claims or overstating the impact of these products on health or safety outcomes (ex: “We’ve pivoted our business to making masks to help keep our community healthy” would be allowed, but stating “We’re stopping the spread of COVID-19 by making masks”, would not)
  • Unsafe hand sanitizers such as those containing methanol or other unsafe ingredients will be subject to the Unsafe Supplements policy and will not be allowed to be promoted in ads, or in commerce listings under the Hazardous Goods and Materials policy

Example of an allowed non-medical mask:

  Approved Masks
Provided that the text or other components of the ad do not allude to or claim medical or health benefits, this type of mask would be considered non-medical.

Example of a Prohibited Ad:

Non approved masks
“Buy our medical grade face mask.”
This ad is not allowed because it is advertising a mask intended for medical purposes.

Non approved masks
“We’re selling N95 masks.”
This ad is not allowed because it is advertising N95 masks, which are intended for medical purposes.

We will continue to monitor our platform advertising policies to determine updates or changes and will alert you of respective changes as soon as possible.