Katie Palmer has been at Amplified since August 2017, and is our Content Manager. Her favorite part about working at Amplified is the diversity of things she gets to work with. “I’m not tied to one type of company or project. I’m learning about different industries all the time, which is very cool.” She also enjoys the laid-back atmosphere. She describes Amplified as “Chill, but smart, and hardworking.”

Traveling is something she hopes to do more of. “I’d like to go to Egypt, Paris, London, Germany, Ireland. My lineage is from Hungary, so I’d like to go there as well.” She is the youngest of three siblings, and has a son and two pets: a dog named Snickers and a cat named Biscuit.

Music is an important part of Katie’s life. There isn’t one specific genre she’s attached to; she listens to it all. She says that her favorites change a lot, but on a typical day, you’ll find her mainly listening to rock and alternative – except when she’s writing when it’s all instrumental (cue the Harry Potter soundtrack collection!). She is also into playing music. “I sing, and play guitar/piano/keyboard and was the singer in a band in high school. I played in an acoustic duo in college-we even played a show in the Loop. That was pretty fun.” Besides music, Katie also loves writing and editing, making her job a perfect fit. She also says one of her life goals is to write a book.