Facebook & Instagram Down 10/4/2021

**This has been resolved** Facebook and Instagram are currently down, impacting support for all paid and organic solutions on the platform. Our teams will continue to monitor and provide additional information as warranted.

Recently Added – Week of 04/26

Targeted Email: Top Verticals & Common Targeting Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO Feature Matrix & Definitions & Voice Search Basics  

Introducing Digital Out Of Home

We’re excited to announce our newest capability – Digital Out of Home. This is an interactive and eye-catching advertising strategy encouraging brands to digitize their ads and display content to become more easily accessible to the general public. Market...

Website Contract Updates

Effective 03/12, Website Contracts have been updated to reflect new terms & conditions and editable fields. All updated contracts can be found here. Instructions on how to edit proposals can be found here.

Contesting Update

Due to changes in Facebook’s API, contests created by our team can no longer be hosted directly on Facebook. Moving forward, contests can live on the client’s website or a landing page. Social posts can be created by the Social Team during the duration of the contest...

Armalot Minimum Update

Post-election season, we have seen inventory for our premium gun & ammo network becoming more available. At this time, the minimum Armalot buy has been reduced to a monthly spend of $4,000. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we navigate this niche space....
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