According to Forbes, digital marketing is expected to reach $146 billion by 2023. Over the past 5 years digital marketing has proven to be indispensable. In fact, there are several digital marketing trends set to improve your reach and improve your ROI in 2020, but there are three trends in digital marketing that your business shouldn’t ignore.

Top 3 Current Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Should Know

Brand Awareness

Businesses today are looking towards campaigns that can be measured quickly, and while effective, may not be helping growth in the long run. In fact, according to a LinkedIn and B2B Institute study, only 4% look to measure impact of campaigns past six months. Although brand awareness campaigns may not have an immediate impact, there is a noticeable build year-over-year when branded search teams are used well. Google research has found that branded keywords experience over two times higher of a conversion rate than non-branded terms.

Video Marketing

As a digital marketing trend, video marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to stay competitive. Video marketing isn’t new marketing technology, but in the last few years, it has become essential in the marketing arena. Video is a versatile digital marketing tool allowing businesses to keep their audience engaged. According to Statista, online video consumption is one of the most popular online activities in the world, with U.S. smartphone users age 18-34 spending 105 minutes per week watching videos. Your business can’t afford to ignore the purchasing power demographics available with video. If your business isn’t yet on board, you’re missing out on a potentially large opportunity – videos are shared 1,200% more than regular links or text combined.


While there are many great marketing opportunities available, some of them can be quite expensive. For those looking to save money but still have an effective campaign, geo-marketing gives you an opportunity to narrow down your audience within a specific location area. It’s a great target location, digital marketing tool that can be used to stay competitive or bring awareness to your brand. These ads can also be used to target customers within a certain radius of a competitor’s location, grabbing potential customer interest to bring them to you instead.

Stay Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends

If you want your business to stay competitive, it’s vital to stay current on marketing trends. Digital marketing has long surpassed traditional marketing. It’s important to create a digital marketing strategy that helps your business bring awareness to your brand and solidify ROI. The right digital marketing tools can help your business reach every area of the marketing funnel.

With so many options, it’s important to partner up with a team that stays up-to-date on what’s best now and what’s next in digital marketing. At Amplified Digital, we offer an experienced team that works with you to help achieve your business goals through various digital marketing tools. Whether you’re not sure what products are right for you, or you know what you want but need someone else to handle the logistics, contact us today.