Humanizing a brand is one of the most efficient ways to create widespread exposure of your company’s core values. The reason this is often the case is it allows audiences to acknowledge your brand’s core values and ideas and associate them with a person or character behind the company, showcasing aspects of your brand and company that people don’t find in the store. Many companies are turning to video to help them engage with audiences in this way, allowing more than just an image and text. Through video, a simple idea or phrase can be observed with several concepts, and a unique idea that is incorporated can allow your brand to build a “character” or voice for your brand that helps lower the chances of your brand getting lost in the shuffle.

Often times when we talk about branding, we think about big companies that advertise to make a profit off of their products or services. There are other groups that also have to generate publicity and ensure that they maintain a positive personality to those they serve. A prime example? The recent lip sync and dance video challenges that have gone viral among police departments and dentists nationwide.

These challenges exemplify far more than pure entertainment purposes, as they also serve as a great public relations strategy. The police department “lip sync challenge” started when police departments decided to make videos of themselves dancing and singing to their favorite songs, and then began to challenge other police departments to their best attempt as well. Since then, hundreds of departments across the country have taken part, and in the long run, they’ll probably get more than just laughs out of the production! Dentists have also taken on a similar “Keke In My Feelings challenge” featuring a song by Drake with the dance from his music video.

These challenges have allowed these companies to bring a lighthearted nature to a job that often has negative associations. Most viral videos that involve law enforcement get negative publicity, and who do you know that honestly enjoys going to the dentist?! Through the use of fun concepts and video, both of these challenges have created positive associations to be made about them while they have a good time.

Many of the police officers who have been interviewed about the challenge say they feel it shows that they “like to have fun, and are humans too”. Videos like this showcasing the personalities behind your company can help to associate positive thoughts or experiences, especially if your company is often overlooked or thought about in a negative way. Every little bit counts when it comes to branding, and through the use of fun, engaging video, groups like these who aren’t always “loved” have been able to gain positive publicity, while each group puts their own personal spin on the concept.

When considering personalized video for your brand, don’t stop at promoting on social media alone. Post it on your website, look for content distribution networks, find local media and news organizations you can partner with, and remember that directory locations such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Open Table have locations for companies to post video as well. Anywhere your local audience spends time or uses to find information is a great location to promote your video!

Interested in promoting a video of the people or aspects of your company to showcase some “behind the scenes” moments and personalities? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!